Friday, July 31, 2015

Fifteen {Weird Things} on Friday.

I know it's typically "Five on Friday," but I'm changing things up. A few of my favorite bloggers recently did "about me" posts where they listed things about themselves that you wouldn't know by just reading their blogs. I thought it was SO interesting and fun, so I thought I'd do my own. Hopefully you'll think it's interesting, too!

1. I am left-handed. I take great pride in being left-handed. I write in a VERY weird manner. Most lefties hold their hand in a claw-like position. I turn my paper completely sideways and write vertically. Turn your piece of notebook paper 90* clockwise and then, holding your hand upright, write from the top of the paper to the bottom (so sideways from left to right). Just take my word for it, I've never seen anyone else do it. It's weird. I had the hardest time writing on my white board when I taught school. I'm not COMPLETELY left-handed, though. I write and eat left-handed, but most things I do right-handed. James is my opposite and has shown some interest in being a leftie ball player, MUCH to his Grandmama's dismay.

2. I have terrible eyesight. TERRIBLE. My eye doctor once told me that the difference between me and someone who is legally blind is that my vision can be corrected. Luckily (ha!), the same eye doctor told me I'm getting old and soon my distance vision will correct because my up close vision will start to go. I'm looking for a new eye doctor. At night when I take out my contacts I cannot SEE my contacts in my contact case without putting my face right down to it to make sure they didn't fall out. I also cannot find my glasses once my contacts are out. If they're not where I think they are I have to have help. 

3. I love to binge-watch TV shows. I will save a bunch of episodes on my DVR and then watch them all at once. Netflix and Amazon Prime are wonderful inventions. I'm currently binge-watching Gilmore Girls. I'm on season 3 right now. Loving it.

4. I am extremely introverted. I'm not so much shy as I just really, really, really enjoy being at home and being alone. It's definitely why I stay up late at night (because everyone in my house is asleep and it's QUIET). This is the hardest part of motherhood for me, hands down. It makes me sound like a terrible person, but I really need moments alone to get a boost. This is why I cannot understand how women with families teach. I would go crazy. Or need to stay in my quiet classroom for a few hours after students leave but before going home. Whew!

5. I like super weird movies. King Kong? Yes. Jurassic Park? Absolutely. Sharknado 3? Sign me up. I can't help it. I watched the 70s remake of King Kong with Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges just last night. So good. (But not.)

6. I count everything. Cleaning up? I count the things I pick up. Washing my hair? I count how long it takes me. I've gotten MUCH better about this strange habit, but I still finding myself doing it a LOT. My mama said it's because this is how she taught me to count.

7. My dream job is to be a school librarian.

8. I love board games and card games. If I meet a friend that also loves them I get so excited. It's hard to find people that enjoy playing games! Eddie is subjected to this more than he wants to be. I can't wait for the kids to be old enough to play MY games. Hi Ho Cherry-O! is not on my list of favorites.

9. Fall is my favorite time of the year. The pumpkins. The smell. The cooler weather. Halloween. I love it all.

10. I am a frustrated perfectionist. If I think that I can't do something absolutely perfectly I just won't do it at all. The biggest example of this is that our house is never clean. I get so overwhelmed by the idea of all that needs to be done that I don't do anything at all. I will clean if I have a deadline. Eddie and I love when we have people come over because we have to CLEAN. Exercise is another example. I get overwhelmed by the big picture and just don't do it. If it's not on a to-do list, I won't do it. I literally write down EVERYTHING I need to get done (even the tiniest of details) and then I'll knock out the whole list but if I say, "I need to clean the kitchen," I get overwhelmed and won't do it. My brain is a strange thing.

11. I love to read and I am almost always reading five books at a time.

12. I will watch the same movies over and over and over again. If I record a movie on DVR or have a DVD in our bedroom DVD player I'll watch it every night while I fall asleep for weeks.

13. I love to go to the movies. It's my favorite date night, but not Eddie's.

14. I could live off of appetizers alone. I'm a salt person and I'd rather snack on appetizers than have a real meal.

15. I am super weird about food and expiration dates. If I'm at your house and start reading the dates on the things in your fridge, don't mind me! I do it to everyone. I am such an embarrassment to myself.

So tell me I'm not weird. Help me feel better about myself!!!


Simply LKJ said...

Too funny. Not only do we have our name in common but several other things. You are not the only leftie to write that way! LOL Myself and BOTH my girls do!! Although that is mainly when we are worried about smudging the page, as you know!! Hate spiral notebooks!!

Anna Catherine said...

I count everything too! At first I thought I was just a little OCD but now I think it's just the way I do things! Lance cant understand how I can watch the same movies on repeat either! Too many bored hours of movie watching in the car!

Leslie @ Lamberts Lately said...

Lefty here too! And I'm totally with you on the appetizers - I could eat them for every meal!

Jen said...

I went and visited my cousin last weekend and now she has me binge watching One Tree Hill. It makes me so nostalgic for college it's not even funny! Gilmore Girls is on my list, though. :) I love me some Rory and Lorelei!