Tuesday, July 28, 2015

4th of July.

It's been quiet around the blog for the past two weeks, I think. Not because I didn't have a lot to say {as per usual we are running like crazy people}, but because my computer has been telling me it's full and I can't download any of my recent pictures...which presents a problem in the blogging world. I have not been diligent in keeping up with moving my pictures over to my external hard drive and in the process of doing that I've discovered that iPhoto is a stinky program that doesn't like you to do that anyway. So the whole process has taken a loonnnnng time and I'm still not finished. Whew! Maybe once we start school and we're not in 15 directions every day. We shall see.

I'm backing all the way up to July 4th weekend today where we headed up to Lake Blackshear for two nights. Eddie was off on Friday so we headed up on Friday morning. Friday was very low-key and relaxing. We spent the whole day on the dock. It has been so breezy at the lake this summer that on the dock it hasn't been all that hot and the gnats haven't been bad. I have loved that! Some friends of ours came by and picked us up for a boat ride, but other than that I spent the day in the hammock reading and the boys spent the day swimming with Daddy and Granddaddy or fishing. There might have even been some mama-heart-stopping moments where the men, young and old, did flips off the dock. Lord, have mercy. I couldn't handle it.

{Eddie was fishing and caught a turtle. Is that turtling?}

On the 4th we had lots of visitors. Granddaddy always invites his sisters over and sometimes a few of their children come. Unfortunately, it started to storm just before we sat down for lunch so we moved into the house which put a damper on the party. Most everyone left after lunch was over and headed home. Thankfully, the rain passed in time for fireworks from the neighbors' house (they put on a GREAT show - better than the professional ones we've seen in recent years) and we enjoyed a post-rain cold cool snap during the show.

Both nights at the lake Eddie, Kelly, David, and I stayed up way, way, way too late playing Ticket to Ride. I know I've tooted its horn before, but Kelly and David enjoyed it (enough to stay up until after 1 two nights in a row to play it). I played the best game I will ever, in the history of my game playing, play. It was awesome.

It continued to rain on Sunday so after a little morning fishing we packed it up and headed home after lunch.

We had a fun weekend!

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