Friday, May 29, 2015

Princess Minnie Catherine.

There's been a lot of talk about a little princess in the news recently, but we have a little princess of our own who will be making her debut in October. The boys are SO excited to announce that they have a baby "DILL" cousin {that's baby GIRL in Will language} joining us! The boys have been calling her Minnie Catherine because Anna is a big Minnie Mouse fan. Catherine is Anna's middle name and bets are strong that it plays into the name somehow. Time will tell. 

{For the record, I looked exactly like this in a bikini when I was pregnant. #yeahright}

I keep finding really cute baby girl things to spend my money on. Eddie is quite thrilled with this, obviously.

{Anna loves giraffes and I love mermaids. I keep searching for those two themes.}

Back at Eddie's birthday we were invited to a birthday party for Lance {his and Eddie's birthdays are 3 days apart}. We had already made plans to go to the lake for the weekend, so we had to decline. Anna came over that weekend before we left to bring Eddie a card. It wasn't really a card, it was an ultrasound picture! We were very excited. The next day Anna and Lance had his birthday party and Anna had "Happy Birthday, Daddy!" written on Lance's cake to surprise everyone. We Facetimed with them after the party so that they could tell the boys. James was skeptical of the whole thing and really thought we were punking him. He kept saying, "Is Anna REALLY having a baby? REALLY?" Will just wanted to see it. A few weekends later I went to Anna's for the day and James was FIT TO BE TIED because he thought she was having the baby and I was leaving him out. 

I am typically fantastic at figuring out when someone is pregnant. Anna avoided me in the weeks leading up to it. I should've known because she was HANGRY one night when we were together. I was doing my gluten free detox and crazy woman ONLY WANTED PIZZA. #mmmkay Lol! She and Will get feisty when they're hungry. We knew it was coming because she declined a trip to Disney with us later this year and she NEVER declines a trip to Disney. I've never been without her!

Since we're 3 hours apart she did a gender reveal in the form of a package in the mail. You have never seen more anxious people in your life. Lance's parents received theirs the day before Mom received hers and she, James, and Will were on edge. Will thought she was SENDING THE BABY to us. I cannot get the video to upload to save. my. life. I have tried all day. Hopefully I'll get it figured out.

Welcome to the circus, Baby Minnie Catherine Doll! See you in October!


Meggie said...

So fun! My sister is having a girl too!! And, the baby's middle name is going to be Caroline! =)Hahaha... cracks me up how we keep having more and more in common! Pretty exciting to welcome a baby girl to fam!!

Lauren said...

YAY! Do you KNOW how much I love this post??? As for Anna's cute little baby belly...I'm only a tad jealous. My belly, baby or not has never been that adorable!

Sally said...

Awww.....excited for Anna and Lance. Thought I saw her at the pool, but wasn't sure and I had my old glasses on. I know ya'll are all thrilled!