Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hippity Hoppity

Easter was a bit different at our house this year. For the second time that I can remember in my WHOLE life, we didn't attend church on Easter Sunday. After we left Special Olympics on Friday it became clear that Will wasn't well. You know what they don't tell you before you're a parent? The amount of poop and other bodily fluids you'll have to deal with in your parenthood. Oh my. Will has been a trooper (as has James, whose Easter was COMPLETELY changed).

The Easter Bunny comes to our house on Friday night/Saturday morning every year because we have to get to church on Easter Sunday around 8:30AM and just trying to get out the door without gifts is an ordeal. SO. A day before it is! The buckets were filled and waiting on the boys to wake. Around 4AM Will got in bed with me and I realized he had a FOUL smelling diaper on. I quickly changed him and we laid back down and it became clear that he was going to get sick. He and I rushed to the bathroom and then spent the remainder of the early morning hours on the sofa watching Special Agent Oso. {Worst. show. ever.} Eddie and James were up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7AM, not realizing that Will and I had had a long night. They let us sleep on until around 8AM. Eddie needed to go out of town for the day and he had already prolonged leaving to wait for us.

The boys looked in their Easter buckets and enjoyed the treats inside and in the meantime I spoke with a nurse-friend on the phone about Will. She recommended, for various reasons, that I take him to the walk-in clinic to be sure he wasn't dehydrated or had something else going on. Eddie was gone so I called in for backup in the form of Grandmama so I wouldn't have to wrangle two children at the doctor's office. Will wasn't feeling poorly, unfortunately {I know that sounds terrible, but there is nothing worse than a child who feels well and needs to SIT STILL and NOT TOUCH ALL THE THINGS in an office}, so I was really thankful not two have them both. The doctor's diagnosis {unofficial because we didn't do any testing} was that he had norovirus. Things would last 4-5 days and we would all likely come down with it. Ughhhhhhhh. Ugh.

We went and picked up James, cancelled ALL of our Easter plans {Easter egg hunt and supper at Grandmama's, church, lunch after church, and an egg hunt at our neighbors'} and headed home with The Sick One. 

Saturday and Sunday are a bit of a blur, but we did get all gussied up to go hunt eggs alone in our own yard. We stood at a good distance from our neighbors and chatted. And someone {no names} might have had a bath or two post-blow-out. Ick. We actually had some fun on Sunday. James is an egg-hiding PRO and Eddie and I hunted eggs several times. I am not at all competitive *ahem* so there was absolutely NO pushing, shoving, or running when it was our turn. None. {You'd think I might be a little athletic going on my competitiveness, but I have no skills or athletic abilities.}

Eddie won a huge chocolate cake from the radio. We intended to eat it on Easter. So we did...just Eddie and me. Lol!

We've laid low the first three days of Spring Break as well. We cancelled a zoo trip with some of our favorite friends and didn't go to the movie we wanted to see. However, if the rest of us remain unscathed I will be forever thankful!!! So far, so good. We shall see!

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Lauren said...

I love that shirt on you!! Fun on the egg hunts! We didnt do any here. Boooo. I mean the kids did at school, but CT3 and I got lazy. Didnt dye eggs either! ha! Maybe next year!? LOL!