Monday, April 13, 2015

Disney on Ice!

We really, really enjoy giving {and receiving} gifts that are things to DO. For Christmas this past year we gave the boys tickets to see Disney on Ice. I just wrapped up a Disney balloon and we told them what we were doing. They didn't have a clue, but we knew they'd enjoy it when it rolled around. It wasn't until last week so we had to wait and wait and wait for it to be time. I bought the tickets in OCTOBER. I was so, SO worried last week because Will picked up a stomach virus at the beginning of Spring Break. If you'll recall, the doctor told me it would likely go through all of us so I was NERVOUS about it ruining our plans. Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch! We headed to Jacksonville last Thursday afternoon and saw Disney on Ice: Celebrations!

It was so. much. fun!

The boys were TERR.I.BLE on the way down. I seriously considered pulling over and leaving them on the side of the road. They whined and complained and pitched fits and made us wonder why we bother taking them fun places. Thankfully, they changed their attitudes by the time we arrived.

Mid-afternoon stop at Starbucks on the way. I looked up the ingredients and cleared James for a cake pop. He said he'd never had one before and Will announced, "I have!" James was a little put-out that it wasn't his first, too.

We couldn't find anywhere to stop and eat supper on the way in because of a festival at The Landing. SO. We had supper at the arena in the way of pizza, pretzels, and a hotdog.

The show was called Celebrations and they go through various holidays through the year. To start, they brought all the characters out on the ice and sang Be Our Guest. After that, they celebrated birthdays with Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter so they sang A Very Merry Unbirthday!

They did a quick costume change and Mickey wore his robe and hat from Fantasia. The broomsticks took the ice and they turned on black lights. It was REALLY cool.

Because Mickey was already dressed up, they went into Halloween. This part scared Will, which is unfortunate considering we have a pretty fun vacation in the fall and Halloween will be involved. Hopefully he'll toughen up. Jack Skellington was the emcee for this part and they skated to This is Halloween. All the villains came in for this one.

Next up - Valentine's Day and the Princesses with their Princes. This was one of my favorite parts. It was longer, with all the princesses getting their own time on the ice with their prince and song.

After Valentine's Day there was a short intermission. We hustled up the stairs to use the bathroom. When we came back we watched the summer vacations part - it featured Lilo and Stitch and some other vacations around the world. It was cute.

Finally, we celebrated Christmas and the cast of Toy Story closed out the show.

Disney on Ice Tips:

* I chose seats on the 6th row. I purchased before they were even advertised as being on sale so I had the pick of the ENTIRE arena. I picked close to the middle of the ice and 6 rows back. The first 5 rows were higher priced. I think they were $15-25 more than our tickets were. Our seats were PERFECT. There was, of course, interaction with the characters on the first row, but the 2nd-5th rows weren't any better than our seats. Our one problem was there were no cup holders on our row! The rows in front and back of us had them. That's obviously not an issue everywhere, though.
* There's a coupon code for tickets on YoKids Yogurt boxes right now. I didn't know that. Don't tell Eddie.
* Take your own souvenirs. Load up at Dollar Tree and take in your own Disney stuff and glow sticks. We tried to buy popcorn (it was in a souvenir bag) and it was $12. The souvenir cups were all that much, too. I didn't care about the souvenirs...I just wanted that popcorn!
* If your kids are small, let them wear their costumes! Lots of people did this and we didn't even THINK about it beforehand.

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Meggie said...

We've never done Disney on Ice... mainly because my husband doesn't want to pay for it. Lol. But I loved your tips! If we ever go I'm keeping all of them in mind!