Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Will's 3-Year Well-Check

Eddie, Will, and I went to Will's well-check on Monday afternoon. Our boy was scared about going, but perked up fairly quickly once we got there. {Sidenote - I've decided that a pediatrician's  office is my version of Hell...especially the sick waiting room. Ughhhh.}

{We stayed occupied by texting silly pictures to Cacky.}

We got called back and they weighed and measured him. He is 36 pounds {85th percentile} and 3 feet, 2.75 inches {72nd percentile}. I REALLY thought he was higher for height but I knew for sure the weight would be high - he is SOLID. James only weighs about 43 pounds. At James' 3-year well-check he was 35 pounds and 36 inches tall {although I made a note that I thought it was incorrect and that he was between 37-38 inches}.

The nurse asked him some questions and then had me fill out a survey about his skills. And here is where the biggest difference between the first and second child comes in. Does he know all of his colors? Uhhh....maybe? We had to ask to find out. Turns out, he does. Does he know how to draw a circle? Ummm...yes, yes he does. Didn't know that either! Thank goodness for our preschool for saving the day! James could've completed kindergarten at 3 years old because of all the "home schooling" we did. I have hardly done anything with Will {although, in my defense he's in school five mornings a week compared to James' 2 mornings at that age!} but guess what - he's on track anyway!

We asked about some issues we suspected could be a food intolerance and she gave us some suggestions to fix the issue. She doesn't think he has one because his symptoms are a bit off. She said he looks GREAT. He's on track with everything and aside from getting completely potty trained he's good to go! {And he needs to work on pedaling his bike...but it's tough to do and it's winter so we haven't been outside to practice a TON}.

Yea for being three and being big and healthy!

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