Thursday, December 25, 2014


On the twenty-fifth day of Christmas...

We celebrated!

There is so much to say and so much to share, but I'll leave you with these pictures for tonight. We had two VERY excited little boys this morning. They were PUMPED for Christmas Day. I think James had the best Christmas ever. He has ridden his four wheeler until the battery died and I suspect {if the rain will hold off} there will be more of that this weekend with our other celebrations!

{We were PUMPED on Christmas Eve. Way too pumped to behave or fall asleep. FINALLY we got the boys down around 9:30.}

James was up and in our room at 7:15 {yes, I realize 7:15 is late for lots of children} shouting, "It's CHRISTMAS DAY! Wake up!!!"

Santa came!!!

James got a four wheeler, dress up clothes, some books and movies, Batman toys, a slingshot, army men, bandaids, and a few other odds and ends. The four wheeler was the hit parade.

Will got a Disney World playset, some books and movies, a Mickey game, his own Leapster LeapPad thing {he calls it an iPad so we're going with that}, Batman toys, a slingshot, army men, bandaids, and a few other odds and ends.

Jointly they got a new dual dvd player and wireless headphones for the car and Eddie and I gave them tickets for Disney on Ice in April.

{James' face when he saw his four wheeler and Will CRACKS me up here because he overshot the den and had to turn around. Can we say excited???}

Shockingly, there was minimal fighting over toys!

James asked for this a few times a few weeks ago and mentioned that he'd prefer not to have to share with Will anymore. Santa thought it might be fun for Will to inherit the Jeep and James get a new four-wheeler. We'll see how this goes down, but other than ONE instance today where James was mean and kept pulling forward as I tried to put Will on there has been zero problem.

Let the circus tricks begin! Thankfully, Yamaha thought through the design of this toy and the gas is a foot pedal so there won't be any standing {alone, anyway} on the four-wheeler while it's in motion. Santa considered bringing bunk beds...can you see why he didn't this year???

We left at lunch and went to Grandmama's and then ate dinner at Cacky's. Will was OUT in Eddie's truck before 7pm. We had a good {but busy!} Christmas Day. I hope that you enjoyed time with your family! I'll be back to share more soon! The festivities are only half over for us.

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