Thursday, December 4, 2014

Book Club Christmas Tree

On the fourth day of Christmas...

I asked my Book Club this year to decorate a Christmas tree for our town's Tour of Homes rather than doing the book swap we'd planned. We don't NEED more books and the trees are donated to a needy family after the event each year. No, needy families don't NEED a Christmas tree as much as they need other things, but I feel certain that it is possible to brighten someone's day this way. Here's hoping.

A friend and I shopped for the decorations and then four of us met this morning to get it all decorated. We wanted to do a book theme but I just couldn't get it together in my mind for it to work. We'd considered hanging children's books instead of ornaments but in the end we bought these precious ornaments from Cracker Barrel that are animals made out of newsprint and it took off from there. We filled in with red, green, and gold ornaments, and even had a paper chain made out of old books. THAT was so cute and if I ever teach again I am SO doing that for a classroom tree.

This is tree number three for me. And I have at least three more to go...maybe four...maybe five. LOL! Christmas trees are my favorite.

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Jen said...

I am so happy with how it turned out! I love our paper garland! It was fun, too!