Monday, May 5, 2014


We had another good weekend! We had NOTHING on the calendar for this weekend which is the last time that will happen for a WHILE.

Friday after his "nap" {he didn't take one}, James called Cacky to come and pick him up. She and Kayla came by to get him and they went to McDonald's. Here's an interesting thing about me - if I have to eat McDonald's meat, I'd rather not eat. I don't like their hamburgers or chicken. I'll eat their milkshakes/ice cream and french fries, but that is IT. Blech. But my boys like it, as does my mama, so off they went to get a Happy Meal snack. Why a Happy Meal at snacktime? Because they have SPIDERMAN toys right now and we're apparently trying to collect them all. So far, we have THREE. Thank goodness. {I can still remember collecting the Little Mermaid toys when I was in kindergarten. I can remember even back then ONLY liking their cheeseburgers - NEVER their McNuggets.} James wound up spending the night with Cacky and spent the whole day Saturday at her house so we were down to one child for half the weekend. The three of us grilled burgers on Friday night and watched a movie together. Eddie and I fell asleep and when I woke up at 11pm Will was still wide awake sitting with Eddie. Whoops!

Saturday morning Eddie and I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood. I think it was the first time Eddie has pulled the trailer {it's been a while since we've ridden, obviously} and I think he was surprised by how tough it was and it was just Will! We only went for a short ride - a little under 5 miles - but it was fun and we'll do it again soon! Will enjoyed it!

Sunday afternoon James and I went to the church's children's musical. James had asked to go {he loves singing!} and he sat still through the whole thing but was tired and hungry by the end for sure. It was such a cute musical! They did a great job and I cannot BELIEVE James will be in it next year.

Grandmama made JAMES a chocolate pie on Sunday. He was sweet to share with the rest of us.

This little stinker decided to reorganize my purse. Not sure why socks were in it, but there they are.

Our caterpillars have changed already! They are all {except the little unhealthy - but still living - one} chrysalides. {Listen, I always thought it was a cocoon or a chrysallis, but this is what it says on the information. Andplusalso I thought that they WRAPPED themselves in something and were inside the chrysalid...they're not - they TRANSFORM INTO a chrysalid. Clearly, science is not my best subject.}

Y'all have a great week!

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