Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday.

1. This boy is the snuggliest thing in the world. He is ALL BOY and goes 100 miles an hour all day long, but when he sits he wants snuggles and kisses. He's in the most hilarious stage of life right now. He says hilarious things, mimics all of us {especially James}, and keeps us on our toes. One of my favorite things is, "Thumbs up, Mama!"

2. Our caterpillars came for our butterfly kit! We have five caterpillars currently living in a cup in our home. Four of them have gotten HUGE but one is still very small. He IS moving around, but he's obviously not healthy. James keeps trying to tell me he's just a baby.

3. We have entered the super hero stage of life. I thought James would NEVER be interested in super heroes. I was completely fine with that, but it surprised me since all of his little friends know all about them {and Star Wars}. Recently, he discovered the tv show Teen Titans. I haven't seen anything to make me want to turn it off yet, but it IS way more growny than we're used to. Anyway, he became obsessed with Robin. SO...we've started learning about him. {PS - The super hero shows are just soap operas for men. I started reading up on who Robin is and his last name may as well be Brady or DiMera. He's been one person, then another, then he changed his alter-ego, then he was killed, then he was brought back to life, then he was Batman's son? That is TOTALLY soap opera-ish.} We'll see how long this particular fascination lasts.

{We watched Batman the other day - the Adam West version - and James was HORRIFIED that Batman would kiss CatWoman. HORRIFIED.}

4. The bunny is out and the monogram is in.

{My landlord needs to paint my front door. Hardy har har.}

5. This boy. I know he's already had another bullet point all to himself, but I can't leave these off. He is the funniest, sweetest little toot. And those curls. I can't even handle it.

Happy Weekend!


Unknown said...

The superhero stage has been my favorite part about having a boy. We are going on 3 years now and still strong!

Anna Catherine said...

Hahaha! Not soap operas! Soap boppers!

Lauren said...

Did you order the monogram then just paint it? Cute!!