Monday, April 14, 2014


We had a positively wonderful weekend! The weather was perfect, the boys were {mostly} well-behaved, and we had a ton going on. A ton going on is either a recipe for an awesome time or a terrible time. Fortunately we were {mostly} happy with the results!

On Friday afternoon I was having a terrible time. {Ha! Total change from that first paragraph, huh?} Eddie came home and I was in a bad mood, the boys were getting into all sorts of trouble, and I just wanted to hide. We made spaghetti for supper and put the boys to bed and then Eddie and I watched most of Grown-Ups 2. I fell asleep toward the end and went straight to bed when it was over. It was SO funny (we love the first one) so I need to re-watch the end of it.

Saturday morning Eddie got up bright and early and headed out to a golf tournament. While he was gone the goal was to keep the boys BUSY. First stop was Mrs. Kelly's house for pictures with a LIVE bunny. Talk about making James' day! He is begging for a rabbit now. They sure are cute, but I think that's more responsibility than we need right now. {Grandmama, if you buy us a bunny it will need to live at your house. I'm not sure Scout would like it. Eddie wouldn't like it either.}

After we left pictures we went to the museum to explore a firetruck and to ride the train. We wound up meeting Mr. Keith and the girls there. Keith and I always get ourselves into the most random situations. Hilarious and awkward. So it was the two of us and our four children since Eddie was gone and Shelley worked the night before and was sleeping. We had a great time riding the train and wandering around the museum. Will had a blow-out diaper that caused us to leave, but it was lunchtime by then anyway.

We grabbed lunch and headed to Cacky's house to dye Easter eggs. Kayla helped with the egg dyeing and I was glad to have the help!

After naps {James didn't}, Lori and I took dinner to a family in town that just had a baby. Unfortunately, I nearly ruined the macaroni and cheese I volunteered to take. Next time I'm buying Stouffer's. No one will ever know and everyone would be better off. Thought I was going to LOSE IT. Whew!

We wound up doubling our supper and eating dinner out at Lori's house. We had SO MUCH fun. Our boys are in the love/hate stage of life right now so they'd play and fight and play and fight, but it was just fun to be able to get together with them! We stayed outside the whole time and had two worn out boys when we left!

{I got so tickled at this. Chuck put ice cream in dishes for adults while I scooped for the kids. He read on the side of the carton, "Twelve servings...hmmmm." He'd scooped EVERY BIT of it into four bowls. Whoops! Biggest bowl of ice cream ever! The kids got normal-sized servings.}

Sunday of course brought church and Sunday School. Eddie and Will stayed home because Will woke up with a hacking cough. {He also woke up naked in a soaking wet bed at 4AM, but that's an entirely different story.} I'm fairly certain the cough is just from allergies from being outside so much over the weekend, but if we'd taken him to the nursery we'd have picked him up running a fever so we decided to be kind and stay home. I was so sad Eddie had to stay home because James participated in the service for the first time ever. Because it was Palm Sunday he got to walk down the aisle waving his palm branch. He was excited and did a great job! If he doesn't have a job in the church when he gets older I'll be shocked.

After naps on Sunday afternoon I convinced Eddie to go with me to the nearest Target - 45 minutes away. It probably would've been a fun trip but the boys were being TERRIBLE. Note to self: next time, leave them at home! We went to Kohl's, Target, and then ate supper at Red Lobster. We discovered James is a fried shrimp fan a few weeks ago so he was thrilled with our restaurant choice. Will ate a few and he loved them, too.

Unrelated to the weekend, but exciting nonetheless, I have secured tickets for Eddie, James, and myself to attend Shrek the Musical in a few weeks and I'm so excited. I was feeling pouty that I hadn't bought tickets for The Lion King at the Fox in Atlanta {I saw it in New York many years ago and it is FABULOUS. I almost got tickets for the boys and Mom for Christmas and then didn't...} so I started looking around for other opportunities and found out that the high school that did The Little Mermaid last year that we loved so much is doing Shrek this year. Tickets were purchased this morning and I'm THRILLED. AND THEN I found out that a college nearby has a children's theater and this summer they're doing the Disney broadway version of Mary Poppins so I'm anxiously awaiting the tickets for that to go on sale as well! Will is going to miss out on both {the recommended age for Mary Poppins is 8+!}, but we'll have fun on dates with our biggest boy!

This week is a little less busy for us, thankfully. We have t-ball, regular church stuff, Easter parties, two Easter egg hunts, a birthday party, a Good Friday service, and Easter Sunday. Hope y'all have a great week, too!

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Lauren said...

MARY POPPINS!? Can I invite myself and my child!? We watch it daily and I am currently trying to say "spit spot" instead of "hurry up" that I feel like I constantly yell!!! Also, I have the most hysterical video of AM pulling down her britches just enough to walk like a penguin like Mr. Burt! HA!

In other news, my food belly and I approve of Chuck's ice cream servings! amen and amen!