Thursday, April 10, 2014


Is it okay to write about your last weekend if you're almost to the next one? We had some internet troubles Sunday - Tuesday that the technician was finally able to solve for us and then once it came back on we had a super busy few days in a row. T-ball Tuesday and then I subbed Wednesday so that made everything busier! We had a seriously busy week {last week} and a seriously busy weekend, but it was so much fun that it was okay!

On Friday night we met some friends for Mexican and then took our little boys (and their little girls) to the rodeo in town. We had a great time! We wound up sitting behind Will's preschool teacher and she held him in her lap and he didn't move for almost two hours. Awesome! James thoroughly enjoyed the rodeo and was sad that we couldn't go back again Saturday night. {Terrible pictures, but please notice how James wore his cowboy hat all night.}

Saturday morning we got up and going fairly early. Eddie and James took Scout to the vet while Will and I went to visit Cacky. After that we hurried home for lunch and naps. We'd planned to ride the train but we just ran out of time. Saturday afternoon brought errand running. 

James and I started Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaur.

We had plans for Saturday night - I went to a friend's house to paint an Easter door hanger and Eddie went to another friend's to let the boys play and eat supper. We had a lot of fun! We'll give the guys a break next time, but it was nice to be in a quiet house with my girlfriends! We had such a nice time!

Sunday morning we woke up to the rain! We headed out to church and Sunday School and then came home for lunch and naps. 

Have I mentioned confetti eggs? We've had lots of fun with these!

He wasn't sleepy.

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Amanda said...

Those door hangers are ADORABLE! Where did you get the cute bunny cut outs??