Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Left Behind Photos.

I knew when I posted yesterday that there were more pictures but I couldn't find them. Turns out, I hadn't uploaded all of them from my phone. I blame it on lack o' sleep {and sleeping on the sofa for two nights!} around here. {Sofa sleeping isn't so bad. I've slept from about 1-7AM both nights. But I am ready to be back in my own bed!}

The boys and I have had three VERY active days. It's actually been a lot of fun. On Sunday when Eddie got sick we went outside and played until dark. We also finger painted. Because James has had an upset tummy he's had to stay home yesterday and today from school {and he was SO upset when I told him he couldn't go today because he has t-ball tonight and the normal rule is..."If you don't go to school, you don't go anywhere," but I think I'm making an exception tonight. He'll be at ALMOST 24 hours (if no tummy problems today!) so I think we're just going to go.}. We have walked and played outside and enjoyed the warm weather. It's cooler today, but we're headed out for a walk in a bit anyway. We'll just wear pants instead! Does anyone else have to FEED their kids to make them sit through a whole walk/run? I wish they'd just sit back and enjoy going!

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