Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easter Baskets.

It's time to start thinking about Easter baskets again! I am almost finished shopping for ours. They're WAY different this year than last year, but I'm excited about them. I got the boys some things they needed, some things they {James} wanted, and some things that I thought were fun. I've gotten them both a few movies this year and I wanted to mention this in case you aren't aware. If you sign up for Disney Movie Rewards you can enter codes from your Disney movies {they're inside the boxes} and earn points to use to redeem prizes - and I've gotten several of our new Disney movies for FREE from them. It's a great program. {And if you're not interested, you just feel free to send those codes my way! *wink, wink*}

Last year's baskets buckets were so much fun! I thought I'd share what our then one- and three-year-olds got from the Easter Bunny in case you're trying to shop!

I can't wait for warmer weather {it's COLD here} and Easter!

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