Thursday, February 13, 2014

Will is TWO.

Dear Will,

How on earth can it be that TWO years have passed since we first met? I can still remember so many small details from the day you were born. I woke up on the day that I was scheduled to go to the hospital and I was already having contractions. I got myself ready. Cacky came up to keep James. Daddy and I went to the hospital at noon and I stopped for one last bowl of potato soup at Panera before we went in. {We ate LOTS of potato soup while I was pregnant with you. Hundreds maybe.}

Your delivery was not as easy as James'. The whole day was entirely different. The hospital was more crowded and we got there later in the day. We weren't sure if you'd make your debut on the 13th or the 14th. You decided to come just minutes before Valentine's Day.

The past two years have been so much fun with you. You were the most relaxed, laid back, shy baby. You weren't easily irritated, but when you got mad - look out! You have blossomed into a boy ON THE GO. You're no longer quiet and shy. You are quite the little monkey - jumping and climbing off of everything. Daddy and I have said over and over that we're just waiting for that first trip to the emergency room from one of your crazy ideas.i

You are learning new words every single day. You still sound a lot like Joey from the episode of Friends where Phoebe is trying to teach him to speak French, but sometimes you'll say something that we had NO IDEA you knew how to say. Yesterday morning I was putting on a new shirt and you said, "MAMA! Tag!" Sure enough, there was still a tag on it.

You are a little snuggle bug. You will still climb in my lap and snuggle and hug and kiss. You like to be on the go, but you're still quite willing to stop and snuggle every once in a while and I love those moments.

You are also SO ROUGH. James was never all that rough until he met you and y'all started wrestling. You've been rough from the get-go because of it. Pinching, biting, and hitting are all things you get in trouble from DAILY. I picked you up from school last Friday and your teacher told me you'd been bitten. I was so thrilled you weren't the biter that I wasn't even all that concerned! {The bite didn't leave a mark...}

Little boy, Mr. William, Baby Boo...we love you so!

Happy 2nd Birthday, William!

Love, Mama

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Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Wild Will!!! Your boys are the cutest and I cant believe how little James looks in these pics!!! Crazy!