Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow and Ice.

The snow and ice. Oh, Georgians {at least Atlantans} may never wish for snow again. Disaster on the interstate.

We anticipated snow {although I was skeptical} at our house last Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. We'd told James about it, but had told him not to put his heart in it because when you grow up in the south the weather forecasters like to mess with your dreams. And this is the kid who made a snow globe at school the other day and told me that if he shook it and closed his eyes and wished for snow it would happen because the snow globe would grant his "winter wish." Uhhhh...maybe if you live north of Atlanta. We're closer to Florida than Atlanta. Anyway, he went to bed with visions of snowmen and snowball fights in his head.

The other side of this whole snow and ice thing was that Dad was still in the car long after we went to bed that night...and he'd left his office at 3:30 pm on Tuesday. He called us around 4:30 and said it was a disaster where they were just creeping along and we joked about how people panic at the first sign of snow. {In the south's defense, it's the ICE that does us in. And the fact that Atlanta didn't adequately prepare.} We chatted with Dad again around supper time and he hadn't made it much farther. I texted with him several times over the course of the evening. His normal 45 minute commute wound up taking him 11 hours to make. {I'm fairly certain that's the accurate count.} I just cannot imagine. Thankfully, he had a full tank of gas and he stopped to get something to eat when he left but who is prepared to commute 11+ hours? Plenty of people parked their cars and walked. People were staying in homes of complete strangers. Some people slept in cars. The encouraging part was watching strangers open homes, hand out food and water, and offer help.

In our part of the state we woke up snow. It DID snow at our house that we're not living in, but we didn't get a picture of it. Our neighbor sent a picture of HER house and I'm sure our yard looked similar. We got ice and lots and lots of sleet here, but nothing even remotely close to snow. A snow day it was not. But we're prepared for the next one! We all have boots that are ready to stomp!


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