Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Big Boy Bed.

We moved Will to a big boy bed a week and a half ago. When John and Kayla came down for John's birthday weekend, they brought a twin bed from Dad and Laura's house. We have two matching twin beds for the boys {and the room that they will one day share!}, but the other is in James' room in our house that's for sale. I'm ready to get all of our things back. *Big sigh.*

For the most part, the transition to the big boy bed has been smooth sailing. We talked it up big and he knew what was happening. He'd been climbing out of his crib for a while so the climbing out of the twin bed is nothing new or unusual for us. The good news is with the twin he can climb back IN without help from us. He still has his 4,000 wubbies that he sleeps with {as many as are clean} + Puppy + Uga + his paci.

{The first nap time I took these monitor pictures. Climbing out of bed here.}

{I wish this was clearer. He's wearing a dinosaur mask and a camo hat.}

Nap time has been the worst part of the transition. Most days he's wound up and because he can get out and play it takes him a while to wind down and sleep. Some days he plays for an hour and falls asleep. Some days he's asleep within minutes. I've had to rock him and put him in bed a few times. And there have been some not-so-nice moments as well. The first nap time I let him do whatever he wanted as long as he was quiet. So for two hours he ransacked his room. I finally got him and rocked him and he was out within 3 minutes. We haven't done that again. Now he has to stay in bed.

{Pulled that pillow over so he could flip his lights off and on.}

Bedtime, for the most part, has been okay. Again, he plays or gets out a few times for the first twenty minutes or so, but then he's out. I have laid down with him a few times to sing and wind down, but every time I've done that he's told me when he's ready for me to get up. He is a completely different sleeper than James. James would prefer to have someone with him until he falls asleep {and beyond!} but Will has always been a champion self-putter-to-sleeper. :) He has never required much rocking and he rarely needs us in the middle of the night.

{The after...the day I let him play for two hours. I was smart enough to remove the trashcan.}

{Three minutes after the above picture was taken. He was exhausted but not sure how to fall asleep in his new bed.}

We've had two nights of him waking and needing us to check on him but I actually think he may have an ear infection {we may be headed to the doctor} and that might have been the problem. On Monday night it took him FOREVER to fall asleep. He finally went to sleep around 10pm and then was awake by 11:15 and stayed awake until 1:30. He didn't act like he felt bad, he was just up and didn't want to lay down. The next day I noticed that his left ear had LOTS of yucky stuff in it. When Eddie bathed him last night he said that Will complained that his ear hurt when he washed it. I have no idea, though, because he hasn't had a fever, his eyes haven't been yucky {a tell-tale sign for my boys}. He's had a runny nose but I haven't thought a thing about it. I'm going to watch and see with him. He has a doctor's appointment coming up so I'm hoping this is a fluke and we won't have to go and then go again.

Overall, we've been impressed with the transition. I WILL say that one thing I did was put a doorknob cover on the back of his door. I know this sounds horribly mean, but Eddie and I sleep like rocks and we may never hear him get up and ransack the house in the middle of the night. So far, this has been awesome. I wish I'd done it with James. Proud of this big boy!

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Lauren said...

So glad you posted about his new bed!! I was wondering how the little guy was doing!! Sounds like its been great though! YAY!