Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September and October Books.

I missed posting our books last month so I'm playing catch-up today. James and I have done a lot of reading, but I didn't do much on my own. I've started one this week that I can't put down! Hoping to finish that one today or tomorrow. What are you reading? Are you on Goodreads? Follow me!

Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne

Read this one with James and love, love, loved it. It is so packed full of good thoughts and wisdom on life but isn't so "adult" that kids don't also get it. We both enjoyed it!

Jaws 2 by Hank Searls

This book is based on the movie. It isn't written by Peter Benchley, who wrote Jaws, but was picked up by Hank Searls after the screenplay was written. It was actually a pretty good read. We're again following Chief Brody and the others in Amity (this is just a few years after Jaws). Strange things begin to happen - a couple's ski boat blows up, divers go missing, and a man is caught shooting a baby seal. He gets the blame for the other acts, too. The mafia is also involved in this storyline to further complicate things. Obviously, a shark is at large and we, the readers, are aware of plenty the character aren't. The shark continues to bear down on Amity and Chief Brody struggles to maintain control. 

The Worst Best Halloween Ever by Barbara Robinson

Another book with James. Disappointed with this one. I remember liking The Best Christmas Pageant Ever so much but this one was just boring. The Herdsmans have threatened Halloween so the whole town decides to cancel it. Instead, they have a Halloween festival at the school so that the Herdsmans won't come, but strange things begin to happen. There were too many flat characters, too many flashbacks, and it didn't hold our attention.

Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers

I was a little disappointed by this book (another James read...). I guess I was expected Mary Poppins to be more like the Disney movie (I know, I KNOW...), but it was so different. It would be a great book if you didn't have an image of Mary Poppins already in your head. I will mention that this was WAY ahead of James. Most of the books I've picked he's been able to comprehend and enjoy even if they're older children's books, but this was way too advanced.

My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett

This was a cute book about a boy, Elmer Elevator, who goes on a mission to save a baby dragon. The boy has to get past other animals in order to save the dragon. James and I read this one together and he LOVED it. It was short so we finished in just a few days. James thought it was so funny (Elmer tricks the animals so that he can get past them). Apparently there are two others so I'll be looking for those at the library soon!

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