Monday, November 4, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Day 31 - Trick or Treat!

Let's just pretend I'm at Day 31 and call it done, mmmkay? Maybe next year I'll be like ABC Family and do 13 Days of Halloween. Forget 31 days of ANYTHING. Sheesh.

Trick or Treating was different for us this year since we've moved. For the past two years we've gone with our friends, Spencer and Andrea and their two kiddos trick or treating in their neighborhood. This year we went with our best buds and had a fun time! We had pizza beforehand and then hit the road to trick or treat in Grandmama's neighborhood. We even had a HAYRIDE and it was so much fun. I hope this will turn into a tradition!

I didn't get many pictures since we left late and it was DARK-thirty. {Funny sidenote...all the kids wanted to ride in the "trunk" of the Explorer instead of in the trailer with the parents. Stinkers.

James and L are just a year apart and are the sweetest friends when we get together. She still pretends he's a baby {these kids called him "Baby James" forever} but he takes it in stride and they have a great time.

We had fun! Can't wait to do it again next year!

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