Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Will at Twenty Months...

I keep waiting for our photographer to post pictures from Saturday so I could post an awesome current picture of my boy, but if I keep waiting he might be twenty-one months. :) I'll add it later. This boy has grown SO FAST.

I realized on Sunday that Will was twenty months old so I thought I'd give a little update and share what he's doing and loving these days.

He and James are playing together more and more these days. James loses patience with him fairly quickly, but they are buddies.

Will is OBSESSED with hats. Loves them. All shapes and sizes. If he sees a hat, he must put it on. If he has a "haa" (hat), "baa" (bat), and "baw" (ball), he's a happy boy!

He also MUST carry his "pah-pah" (backpack, of course!) by himself when walking into and leaving school.

He loves to EAT. This boy. I'm concerned for the teenage years.

He's learning/trying to say more words. We've not been a bit worried about Will's speech because he CLEARLY communicates his needs and if WE ask him to do something he's excellent at following directions. But he is definitely behind James at this point. Obviously, he has someone who will do the talking for him! {James could talk the paint off a wall. He has always been SUPER verbal...he's ahead of a lot of kids his age with speech and READING.}

We've hit the tantrums this week! I don't know if we're really "there" or if it's because he hasn't felt well, but he has been pitching some fits! 

He still takes one super-long {usually} nap a day. Today he slept from 1:30-5:15. That ranges is pretty much the norm. When he wakes up before 4pm it TOTALLY throws me off. He still goes to bed around 8:30 and sleeps until around 7:30.

Little boy has learned to take his clothes off and his favorite place to practice is in his crib. He's also been allowed only to wear onesies with pants or one-piece jammies for the past few months. The times we have not put him to bed in one-piece jammies he's reminded us the following morning why that's not a good idea. :)

Will is James' shadow. He follows him EVERYWHERE. He does EVERYTHING James does. Monkey see, monkey do!

He goes to school two days a week - Wednesdays and Fridays. The first few weeks he cried a few minutes after I left him. Today when I dropped him off he went right to Mrs. M. and asked to be put down to play with his friends. We've gotten reports that he is the resident Don Juan at school. He kisses and kisses and kisses the girls in his class. I laughed and said their daddies were going to be after him and Mrs. M. told me that the girls LOVE it as much as he does. Goodness gracious.

This boy brings us so much joy! We've enjoyed watching him grow so much. {And I probably should be very transparent here and admit that this time around we haven't been quite as caught up in the, "OMG, what do we DO with this child?!?" craziness like we were (are) with James. We don't love him more {you know what I mean here...} but we've learned to roll with it a bit more and be present a little more.} He is SO much fun and we love him so. Will,!

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berryman said...

I LOVE what you said about being PRESENT! I feel like I try to do that and remind myself of that....with Bo and when it comes to things that don't involve Bo. Just encourage other people to be present. In the moment. What a great message...

Love the update on Will! Can't believe he is almost 2!