Thursday, October 17, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Day 16 - More Fall Preschool Crafts

I have been a little preoccupied with a little boy's teensy {but hopefully still precious!} birthday party this week. I've been cutting a banner this afternoon and have just not had time the past few days to worry with Halloween. Hopefully you'll forgive me! 

I'm going to share a few {more} things today that my boys have brought home from preschool this week. They have AWESOME teachers this year and their folders have been FULL of goodies.

Candy Corn "Stained Glass"

I wish the picture captured the colors in this a little better. I couldn't get it...even tried several different times today! James' teachers cut contact paper in the shape of candy corn. The border is construction paper. James stuck pieces of tissue paper to the contact paper. {I did move a few pieces of tissue paper when I hung it up. There was a big old clump and some very empty spots.}

Falling Leaves Painting

Pretty self explanatory. We did this last year with finger prints but he says they used a q-tip.

Candy Corn Footprint

This one is crumpled because Will needed to show me over and over and over how they'd STAMPED his foot on the page. Just imagine him STAMPING. IT. OVER. AND. OVER. I thought the prayer at the bottom was sweet!

Styrofoam Spider
James was THRILLED with this one. Spray painted styrofoam ball + google eyes + pipe cleaner legs {EIGHT of them...James argued with me about the number of legs on a spider the other day} = Cute styrofoam spider. We added the popsicle stick to make him a little puppet and so that he's easier to hold.
{Tacky chair covers courtesy of Dollar Tree.}

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Christie Rooks said...

These are so cute! I've been slacking on the crafts lately. I like the chair covers:)