Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dear James.

On the eve of your fourth birthday you've been read to (Berenstain Bears) and tucked into bed in mismatched jammies. You're snuggled under Big Wubbie and curled up with a new Peter Pan stuffed animal, a souvenir from your birthday party today.

I can hardly believe that it's been four years since Daddy and I made our way to the hospital to meet you. We walked in at 8pm on October 19th to be induced and you were born at 3pm on the dot the next day. Our world has been a whirlwind since then.

{two weeks}

In some ways it seems like four years has flown by. I can't believe we have a four year old. In other ways it feels like you've been with us forever and it feels like a long four years.


You are a force to be reckoned with. You are independent and smart and not shy to share your feelings. You are a little sensitive, a little bit sassy (in a talking-back way - your mouth is going to get you into lots of trouble), and a lot of fun. You are always up for a fun project.  You like to have a job to "help." You love to read. (This THRILLS me.)


You are growing and learning new things all the time. Your memory just astounds us. You have enjoyed your school year so far and are learning SO MANY new things. You come home with new songs and ideas all the time.

You're a pretty funny kid. We get a kick out of LOTS of things that you say. You like to entertain us all!


You are a politician in training. We get SO tickled at how friendly you are. You are a grown man in a four-year-old's body. We laughed and laughed recently when I mentioned to Daddy in a restaurant, "There's so-and-so." You stood up in your seat and yelled, "Hi, Mrs. So-and-so!" She turned and smiled and waved and I asked how you knew her. You immediately turned back to her and yelled {across the restaurant}, "I'm James!" We all laughed so hard. You are friendly and have the sweetest manners. 

Your daddy and I have so enjoyed watching you grow and change over the past four years. We are so proud that you're ours! Happy Birthday, Buddy. We can't wait to see what this fifth year holds!

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Lauren said...

I LOVE how his hands are folded in his little 2 week old picture! What a cutie! Happy Birthday little man!