Thursday, October 10, 2013


I'm interrupting 31 Days of Halloween this morning with a fabulous, fantastic, announcement worth celebrating! We took Pull-Ups away from James last night. A child who has never, ever, ever in the history of his life woken up with a dry diaper or Pull-Up. We totally pulled the plug. I read some information last week and we braced ourselves that he might just not be ready. Apparently potty training at night (even for a child who has been potty trained during the day for well over a year) is not a thing that can be learned, but rather is physiological development. And he might just not be ready. I also knew, though, that I have what might be the most hard headed child in the world and it was very, very likely he was tee-teeing in the Pull-Ups just to be spiteful because they were there.

SO. Last night. We'd run out of Pull-Ups and had a Pull-Ups countdown of sorts. We warned him ahead of time what was coming. I might have even told him that if he's turning four he's going to have to start sleeping in undies or we'll just have to skip his birthday. (I promise he knew I was teasing.) We talked it up big, but he wasn't buying it. He said he didn't think he could do it (he totally gets that from his daddy and me). He said he thought he'd wet the bed. We made it clear that he might and that was okay but that if he never tried, we'd never know!

So we put him to bed last night and he stalled and stalled and stalled. I think he really didn't want to go to sleep for fear of wetting the bed. Finally and at last he fell asleep. Around 10:30 I got him up and took him to the bathroom. He pitched a fit while he was tee-teeing and I might have been concerned with all the flailing around that we were going to make a huge mess, but he went and then got back in bed and went right back to sleep. In the middle of the night he came in our room and got in our bed (this is so normal and typical that we put a water proof mattress cover on our OWN bed last night). I asked if he was dry and he said his undies were a little wet. We got him up and made him potty and though his sheets and shorts were dry, he insisted that his undies were wet and changed those. I don't have a clue if they were or not. He climbed in bed with us and slept (DRY!) until this morning!

Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Y'all. I cannot even explain to you how thrilled I am with this. I totally understand that this may not be the end of Pull-Ups with no accidents, but it DOES mean that he can totally do it and we are DONE with Pull-Ups for this child. Hip! Hip! Hooray! Yea for James!!! But seriously, this is as grown up as you can get.

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