Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Day 9 - Canned Goods Drive

When I sat down in September and made our 31 Days of Halloween list, I included a food pantry donation. I wasn't sure where I'd donate (I'd definitely start asking at the church), but I want my boys to know how fortunate they are that they don't go hungry. They idea of people not having three meals a day + snacks is a foreign concept to us. There are plenty of children in our communities that only eat when they go to school. There are plenty of adults that don't eat. Especially with cooler weather and holidays coming up, this one was a BIG deal to me.

Fortunately for us, our preschool has teamed up with a local bank and the United Way for a canned food drive. Yesterday when the boys went to the grocery store I asked Eddie to let James pick out some canned goods. He explained why they were buying the canned goods and then we talked to James last night about how important this was. I've brought it up several times lately and I've been met with a lot of, "But I don't want to give away my food." We've also had a lot of conversations lately about being a cheerful giver. :) Obviously, the only way to really "get" this is to continue giving, talking about giving, and even seeing  some of the giving.

This morning I took pictures of the boys on the front porch with the canned goods before school. This was really James' thing, but he invited Will to stand with him (yea!). I'm including ALL of the pictures because the progression is hysterical. Watch Will copy James.

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