Monday, July 29, 2013

The Goings On.

Listen, I am well aware that I have become the world's worst blogger. I just have. not. had. time. This has been the busiest, most unorganized summer ever and we're just trying to survive without too many meltdowns (by me...the boys doing just fine!). And these are mostly Instagram pictures so if you follow me there, you've already seen almost all of these. Sorry!

This weekend felt like a normal, not-rushed-at-all weekend and will probably be the last one for quite some time. (Mostly because this is apparently The Year of Travels for the four of us. Also because the fall is just obnoxiously busy, isn't it? I told Eddie the other day that I'm not even mentioning soccer to James for the fall and he decided that was probably the best idea ever.)

Last week, Anna and James did the cutest project EVER. Anna is in school to be an occupational therapy assistant and has been visiting  a resource center for adults with disabilities a day (or two?) a week. She made "faces" (as James has called them) with her group a few weeks ago and James has begged and begged her to make them with him. They decided to make our family and they were SO cute. James requested a mustache for his own, which makes it look hilarious. I think Will and Eddie are spot-on.

On Thursday we went and ate dinner with Granddaddy since Grandmama was out of town. Will is enjoying learning to feed himself but makes a HUGE mess so James let in {Kelly's} Dixie after we finished so she could "vacuum." She jumped up on Will's highchair to clean up after him and he thought she was trying to snuggle with him. He kept saying, "Awww!" and hugging her. He was totally oblivious to the fact that she wasn't there to love on him!

Friday night James asked if he could sleep in his tent. I told him he absolutely could. He's wanted Eddie to "camp out" in the backyard with him all summer but the weather has just prevented it. (If you're not in the southeast you may not know that it's monsoon season here. This is totally unusual. It's normally super humid in the summer with an afternoon rain shower here and there but not the days and days and inches and inches of rain that we've had. And that means monster-sized mosquitoes, too.) I got him all set up and at the last minute we added a campfire, marshmallows, and hotdogs. :) He thought it was fun and went RIGHT to sleep. BUT...he got in his bed in the middle of the night. Not sure he's quite ready for REAL camping yet.

Saturday was our norm - yardwork and housework. After naps on Saturday we took the boys outside and set up the water table and the sprinkler. I wish I could say that we all had a fabulous time but it was miserable. I'm not sure what the deal was but both boys were whiny and cranky. Normally playing in the water is a hit but I was ready to pull my hair out when we came in for supper.

(Eddie thinks I'm totally high maintenance outside. I dragged the big fan out there and put it RIGHT on me. I hate to be hot and I hate gnats and flies. That's not ridiculous, is it?)

Sunday we took James to his second movie! He was SO excited. He picked Monsters University and had been talking about it all weekend. He even wore his Monsters, Inc. undies. At the last minute, I decided to pick up Susana to hang out with Will for a bit and so that Eddie could go with us. I think James was REALLY excited about that. During the previews James kept saying, "This is AWESOME!" and "This is the COOLEST!" and "I'm SO EXCITED!!!" He was so funny! We got there before the previews started so it was a while to have to wait. Toward the end of the movie he got a little restless. The movie was REALLY cute and I'm glad we saw it before it left the theater. I liked it better than Monsters, Inc., I think. James was worried about Roz being in the movie but she was only in it for a second right at the end. (She freaks him out.) He laughed and laughed through the whole thing.

It was a lot of fun to have a date with our big kid!

We just got back home from a fun playdate with some of our favorite friends and we MAY be going on a HUGE adventure tomorrow. (And I'll probably be winging it all by myself so y'all pray for me! Yikes!) Have a fun week!

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Unknown said...

Those faces are so adorable!

And your fan made me laugh. My mom was here a few weeks ago and told me I needed to go get one for my back porch. I thought it was genius. Except now it's 104 degrees here, and no fan is going to help that.