Friday, July 5, 2013

Five on Friday.

1. Family neighborhood walks. We've been staying with Cacky and Poppy for a bit the past few days {and Anna as she lives with them during the week} and we've enjoyed walking through their neighborhood. Grandmama and Granddaddy conveniently live less than a mile away so we've loaded up the stroller to go here and there a few times.

2. Wunderlist. Eddie got an iPhone for work recently and I found this amazing app that allows us to each input things we need from the store. Eddie makes Publix runs on the way home from time-to-time (okay, pretty often) and I can just add things to the list this way! It's worked great so that we don't have five lists going!

3. Monogrammed goodies! I got a happy mail package this week and in it were a monogrammed headband and a pair of monogrammed running shorts. (They'll make me run faster, I know it!) (Someone asked about my monogram. My "official" initials are LEHF but I use the LEF monogram because it's also my MARRIED monogram and I like that. All four of us are EFs. Everyone's middle name starts with an E.) Hether from Ditsy Daisy Boutique on Facebook is the best!

4. No-water gardens! We have only had to water our garden a handful of times this summer because of ALL the rain. Oh, the rain. My children would love to play outside (sans mosquitos) but what we have instead of playtime is an awesome garden that is outgrowing its confines! (This also means, of course, that our yard looks like a jungle, too. And it's too wet to mow! Please excuse the knee high weeds.)

5. Sparklers! James was really, really upset that the fireworks in our area were canceled due to rain. We watched fireworks on tv but it just wasn't the same. He DID enjoy the sparklers we did last night, though!

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the tichenor family said...

LOVING your monogrammed workout gear... and your garden looks amazing! Happy 4th of July weekend mama!