Saturday, July 6, 2013

Allergy Update.

I realize that very few of you are interested in James' allergist visits, but as I can't remember anything unless it's written down, I need to make a note. Please indulge me!

James went to see Dr. L. yesterday for his "grass season" check-up. We went in April and I mentioned that last summer we could not keep him well and he checked to see how allergic he is to grasses and sure enough, we think that was the problem. So Dr. L. wanted to see him right in the middle of grass season to see how he was doing.

James takes a LOT of medicine for allergies and asthma daily. I know not everyone is on board with lots of medicine, but we're seeing a child now who has not had the first sniffle since JANUARY. Since he turned one this is by and far the longest stretch of being well in his entire life. He was consistently sick once a month or every other month from 12 months-3 years, 4 months. But we seem to have gotten his allergies under control. Hallelujah and amen! We're keeping with the same routine (except that I got called out by Dr. L. for not giving him his inhaler twice a day...whoops!) through grass and weed season (into October).

James has had a rash on his thighs for about a month. It has since spread up his tummy and to his arms. This was my MAIN reason for keeping this appointment, because the allergies and asthma have been totally under control. We spent some time talking about it and the conclusion is that we still have no idea where it came from. Dr. L.'s initial thought was that it was a grass reaction (and it still could be) but he was baffled because you'd expect to see a grass reaction beginning at the feet and working up. This is ONLY on his thighs and higher. He called in a prescription for us (stronger than the hydrocortisone we've been using) and said we need to come back if it doesn't improve. I thought I wouldn't be able to share a picture of it with you because I've taken them in his undies and they are awfully scandalous, but James snapped his own picture as he lounged on the sofa earlier. It's blurry, but this is what he looks like from the thighs up.

It was mentioned while we were there that we have an allergy group closer to our home. He asked if we wanted to switch to that group and, in fact, suggested that we switch (we think based on his wishes to start James on allergy shots). We'll be seeing Dr. C. in the fall (probably November). I think she'll be good because she's a pediatric allergist. We have LOVED Dr. L. (seriously...if you're looking for someone in Middle Georgia, let me know!) and I'm really sort of sad to leave him, but we're hoping the transition will be perfect and I know that we can always go back if it's not.

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