Sunday, May 5, 2013

Girls' Night, Book Fair, and Mermaids.

I had a friend's retirement dinner to go to in Tifton on Thursday night so the boys and I loaded up and headed to Tifton around 10 Thursday morning. After the boys ate lunch when we got there, we went to a local bridal store to look at bridesmaids' dresses for a wedding I'll be in at the end of the summer. (I didn't eat because 1. I wasn't hungry and 2. did you hear the part about bridesmaids dresses?) I've been given almost complete control of dress choice which is both a good and bad thing. Do you KNOW how many dresses are out there? And all the fabrics and colors, etc.? Whew! I found one that I like but would love to look a little more. The problem is that the lady told me I need to order it ASAP in order to have it here in time to be altered for the wedding. Good gracious.

Take a gander at James' hair. I'm not sure how it even did that. He has the WORST cow lick right in front that causes his part to be all kinds of ridiculous and I attribute it entirely to the fact that I have ALWAYS made fun of Mark Richt's hair.

Exhibit A:

I rest my case.

Thursday evening I headed out to Shelley's house to pick her up and she and I went to Cracker Barrel to meet our other teacher friends. We had the best little group of friends when we taught in Tifton. I could not have asked for a better team of teachers to have worked with. It was SO much fun to see most of them and celebrate Dianne's retirement.

On Friday morning James had school. He's down to just three more days + graduation. I'm really sad to see this year end! He's had the SWEETEST teacher. I'm looking forward to finding out who he'll be with next year. Will is going to go one day a week next year, too, which is good because the past few times we've taken James that boy has pitched a FIT when he can't stay!

Friday night the boys and I picked up Eddie and headed to this year's Old Book Sale. We've gone almost every year since we moved here and I usually get the best haul! This year I was sadly disappointed. I wound up with four books for myself and several for the boys but not nearly as many as I usually get.

Signed! Eddie found this one. He'll probably regret it when I make him see the sights next time we go.

James' picks on his own.

1970-something Golden Book. Thought it was cute!

Saturday morning we got up to pouring rain. Our t-ball game was canceled so we had a day off with nothing planned which was NICE. I got ready early and left the boys at home with Eddie as I had a million errands to run. Grandmama and Granddaddy came up for a little bit to do some shopping and we visited for a while. Will slept the whole time they were here so don't tell him that he missed out!

Saturday evening we met the Trains for dinner and then we dropped off Daddy and Will (and Lauren dropped off CT3 and CT4) and we went to a local high school for their spring production - The Little Mermaid. To say that it was fabulous was an understatement. The production itself was SO well done. The kids were VERY well behaved. We just had the most fun! I know it's a little girly but James didn't seem to care a bit. BUT, just in case Daddy was worried it was too girly, James could not have cared LESS about Ariel. Who did he like the most? The boats. :) There was a BIG boat that the boys "sailed" across the stage and there was a smaller boat that Eric rowed Ariel around the stage in. Those were his favorites!

James' boots got stuck in the chair. I made him take them off while we were sitting after that. Ha! Since they were climbing in and out and bouncing all around it just seemed like a headache to keep pulling him out.

Max was James' FAVORITE character. Aside from the boats, Max was the best!

James was NOT a fan of the eels. We spotted them and I asked if he wanted to get his picture taken with them and he shook his head no with wide eyes. Anne Margaret stopped for a picture so he watched her and then I asked again and he still said no. The sweet girl on the left took her hand out of the puppet and put it down so that he could see it wasn't real. He has seen this picture several times and told me, "They're not real. Those are just puppets." Ha!

Sunday we were lazy but got some organizing done. We have a BIG week ahead of us and we needed to get some things done today so that the rest of the week will go smoothly. Is May just the busiest month or what? We had a FUN surprise this afternoon that I'll share about soon.

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