Tuesday, May 21, 2013

15 Month Fail.

I was going to stop in today with cutie pie pictures of Mr. Will and all his new teeth. SIX new teeth in the past month. Instead of cutie pie pictures, I'm just going to share with you what our real life looked life today. All. day. long. Today was a big, fat failure in terms of getting anything done and being kind, sane human beings. Instead, we fussed and cried and yelled and acted like looney toons all day! Yea! Here's hoping for better attitudes {and better pictures!} tomorrow!

Somebody was NOT happy that he was stuck inside with me while James was out with Daddy.

He's all banged and bruised up. The scabby place next to his mouth is from a fall over the weekend and the two bruises - next to his eye and on his cheek - are from a tumble down Cacky's front steps last night.

And then there's this nut. Who was on his worst behavior today. Whew!

{He's learned to cross his eyes and it makes him look crazy!}

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Lauren said...

HA! The cross eyed pic is too funny!