Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Last Hoorah.

We spent the last weekend of the year in Roswell with Papa, YaYa, Anna, Memo, John, and Kayla. We had lots of fun even though it seemed to fly by.

We drove up on Friday night and arrived around 8PM. We met everyone at California Pizza Kitchen and we were starving! It pays to know the managers at CPK {the one Friday joked that Dad and Laura pay her mortgage! ha!} because she sent over TWO appetizers while we waited for our food. We inhaled them. Anna and I shared a pizza and Eddie and Lance shared a pizza and we enjoyed every bite. {Dad shared a cheese pizza with James and said it was the best cheese pizza he'd had all day. I think he might have been a tad underwhelmed, but James was happy!}

When we got to Papa and YaYa's my children were WILD. Will was in rare form. The "grown-ups" in the bunch decided to perform circus stunts. It started with back bends and then Anna wow-ed everyone with her yoga handstand - no feet, no head. Crazy.

Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast and then it was on to the gifts! James got the gift he asked for all Christmas - the Buckey Pirate Ship from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He was WAY overwhelmed with gifts and almost didn't even pay attention to it. He has since enjoyed pushing it around and shooting the darts {cannons? what are those things?} from it. The Boy racked up on Jake gifts this year. We ALL made out with gifts from all our families this year. I already mentioned my new baby Mac. Love. {These are completely out of order below but I don't have the time or energy to move them around. Why doesn't Blogger make that easier, by the way???}

Matching jammies for Lovey and Dovey.

Anna is looking at her newest nesting doll. She has a million of these things and they're so neat!

After Christmas morning was over, Eddie and I ran some errands to complete our Christmas gift-buying for our annual Smith Family Gift Exchange. It's just a white elephant game {not gag gifts} but I hadn't found a second gift for Eddie to take. We ran to Target and picked something fun. Unfortunately for our baby cousin, it was a bird feeder. Little boys in the fourth grade apparently don't want bird feeders. Ha!

After we finished our shopping it was time to head out! We went to Scott and Lori's house again this year for barbecue and gifts. I enjoyed seeing everyone and NO ONE had met Will yet so that was fun. James thoroughly enjoyed playing with the "big boys" and Cole kept him entertained for the evening.

My boys were worn out so we headed home early in the evening. Will wasn't quite ready for bed but James went down without a fight!

Sunday we woke up and had a family breakfast again. Soon after Anna and Lance packed up and left so that they could get to the Falcons game. John and Kayla had something else to do as well so we told them goodbye, too. We thought we'd make it through lunch but the boys were quickly falling apart. We got packed up, made a quick stop at Trader Joe's {for Peppermint Joe's Joe's for the sugar-head in this household!}, and picked up lunch at Arby's. 

Funny random story - James had never eaten Arby's before but while we were waiting I told him that they had cool curly fries. He thought they were great but was so tired that he fell asleep after he'd eaten about two fries and half a chicken tender. He slept for an hour and then - before he'd even opened his eyes! - he said, "Mama, can I have another curly fry?" Ha! I think they were a hit.

When we got back to our house we unpacked and the boys ran to the grocery store. Anna and Lance stopped at our house to pick up their new television that Lance got for Christmas - we'd brought it with us so that they didn't have to leave it in their parked car during the Falcons game. Eddie is nothing if not cautious about important things like televisions. They stayed for just a few minutes and then hit the road again!

What a fun weekend! We enjoyed all the time we spent in Roswell!


Anna Catherine said...

We took james advice and waited until cordell to eat arbys on the way home too. It was delicious!

Anna Catherine said...

We took james advice and waited until cordell to eat arbys on the way home too. It was delicious!