Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The In-Betweens.

Tifton Christmas was over, Santa had come, our house was an absolute wreck, but we weren't quite finished with Christmas. So this week was the in-betweens. Eddie was working but the boys and I were home with a lot of time on our hands.

James got a US map puzzle from us for Christmas. He had shown some interest in learning where everyone lived so I ran with it. So far, he can identify Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Texas, Alaska, and Hawaii. He's been excited about this and I am too!

John and Kayla made me a chalkboard for Christmas. I LOVE it. James and I sat and wrote on it for a bit before naptime the other day. I know this doesn't look like much but he has NEVER been interested in writing or drawing (he likes to scribble but doesn't care about copying me). I wrote an A on the board and showed him how to go down, down, and across and he did it! It looks more like an H but I don't care. I was so proud!

I took pictures of both boys one night this week in front of the Christmas tree. I love how some of them turned out.

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