Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Doctor, The Dentist, and The Dark.

Well, the little boys and I had a FUN day yesterday, considering we spent our time at the doctor, the dentist, and without power. Ha!

Wednesday morning I loaded the littles up and headed south. I actually kept James out of school because when he woke up he said his ears hurt. So we headed to Tifton a little earlier than we'd planned and made a pit stop at Quickcare to let Dr. Bowman look in four ears. Both boys still have ear infections, although I left confused as to whether this is normal or not. He said something about ears not being completely clear until a few weeks after the end of an antibiotic but it was a little wild in the room so I missed some of what he was saying. Regardless, both boys have another round of antibiotics, although I'm not filling Will's unless he starts running fever or not sleeping again. SO. We shall see.

We left Dr. Bowman's office and went to Cacky's to eat a quick lunch. We'd hoped we'd be able to meet up with some friends but our timing at the doctor's office threw us off and the weather wasn't really cooperating so we decided to postpone until another day.

After lunch James and I went to see Dr. Luke for his very first teeth cleaning. I can still remember mine. I LOVED going to the dentist as a kid. Not so much now. James has been REALLY excited about this appointment and was even more so after we Facebook-stalked the office's pictures to see what it looked like and give him an idea of what he was in for. He had 100 questions about it and I just wasn't sure what to answer and what just not to discuss with him so I showed him the pictures and just talked it up big. I actually mentioned x-rays in passing the other day not even thinking about it and James wanted to know all about x-rays and how they worked and how would they do them and did they hurt, etc. etc. I finally texted Dr. Luke's wife and asked if I'd made a huge mistake and apparently I had. Dr. Luke said NOT to mention it again! Ha! They didn't even do them. Funny story, Luke has a little girl who is a month younger than James. James saw a picture of her looking in the mouth of one of the hygienists and he was CONVINCED that Jana was cleaning his teeth today. Too funny. She didn't.

We waited for our turn (and I listened to James ask, "Can I go back there yet?" 100 times) and chatted with some of the other patients in the waiting room. Finally, they called James' name to go back! We saw Dr. Luke on our way in so he came in the hygienist's room with us and he and James talked for a bit before Miss Brittany started explaining everything she would do. They were SO sweet and clearly wanted to make James' first trip to the dentist a pleasant experience. I had no doubts or worries at all, but they went above and beyond. James got to choose what tv show he wanted to watch on the tv above the chair (Spongebob!!! Ack! This is something we do NOT watch at home. I didn't even deny him that...and he didn't even watch!). She also let him pick his toothpaste flavor (his request was "Nothing spicy." That boy does NOT like mint. It's too "spicy."). She showed him how everything worked - the water, the suction, and the "tickle brush." His very FAVORITE thing was the water and the suction. When she finished cleaning his teeth she squirted his mouth three times just because he thought it was so funny. When she flossed his teeth at the end of the visit he knew IMMEDIATELY she was using floss with mint. He hates it! Craziest thing! She sweetly switched to plain. 

While we waited for Dr. Luke to do a final check we went back out into a little waiting area to play with some toys out there. After Luke did a quick check of his teeth we were done! No sugarbugs, no cavities! He does have a little chipped part on one of the front top teeth and Luke said he'd probably just bumped it on something and he'll smooth it down at one of the next appointments. We scheduled our next appointment and then we were done! He picked a prize from the treasure box (a pink fish! Eddie is so proud!) and we were on our way!

We headed back to Cacky's for the rest of the afternoon. Because Georgia was full of storms  we kept thinking they'd hit us soon and then we'd be able to head home. Apparently, my check of this morning wasn't useful at all because I thought the storms were hitting us mid-afternoon. Nope. So when I finally got my crew loaded up and ready to head home, the storms arrived. Yea! I had to pick up medicine from our earlier trip to the doctor's office but after I did that we went back to Mom's house and had dinner with her and waited out the rain. We also lost power while we ate dinner. James thought it was great (candles AND flashlights? What's not to like?), but Will was NOT a fan of the lights going out and all the adults running to get things lit back up.

We left around 8:15 and most of the trip home was uneventful. I did have to pull off the interstate once (in the parking lot of an adult movie store...I was MORTIFIED) because my contact fell out. (It was either pull in that parking lot or risk running off the road because I couldn't see a thing!) But both boys slept the entire way home and James went straight to bed. Will ate and then went to bed, too. They were WORN out from this busy day!

It was eventful, but fun! We need another Tifton trip soon!

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