Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Year With PW: Simple, Perfect Enchiladas and Mexican Rice

Hello! More from Debbie Downer! This meal stunk! Ha! Y'all I am trying hard not to have a meltdown but between the boys being sick and neither child SLEEPING in their freaking beds at night and other things going on around here that are out of our control but just stink, this week has been the pits. And then I made this tonight and it got worse. Eddie didn't even finish it. If you've met my husband you will know that he ALWAYS eats every bite and then has more and he RARELY meets something he won't eat.

So, to be more specific, there were a few things we didn't like about the Simple, Perfect Enchiladas. First of all, I didn't think they were simple. There were three basic parts to go through: the sauce, the meat, and the rest. The sauce SHOULD have been easy except that my flour stuck and didn't combine with everything else. And then I missed the step about putting my tortillas into the sauce before filling, rolling, and placing them in the pan. The meat SHOULD have been easy except that my grocery man bought whole green chiles instead of diced. (As an aside, this is obviously not P-Dub's fault.) The rest SHOULD have been easy but I am not a fan of frying and this called for frying. The recipe also called for corn tortillas and let's face it - corn tortillas are nowhere near as delicious as flour. James ate a plain one for lunch and gagged.

Dear Mama, I need your chicken enchiladas (WITH FLOUR TORTILLAS!) recipe stat.

The rice (which is actually in the SECOND cookbook, not the one I'm working through) was better, but Eddie still wasn't a fan. James didn't like it, and then he did, and then he didn't. So basically, I was the only one who ate it. It was fairly easy to get through so no problems with that.

I sure do hate that this didn't turn out delish because we LOVE Mexican food. James and I don't meet much Mexican food that we don't like.

We'll be crossing this off and not using it again. Oh well!

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Anna Catherine said...

Apparently you and I were both having melt downs yesterday but for very different reasons! Haha