Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Well, Oops!

I know that lots of bloggers do their posts WAY ahead of time. Some of the Christmas crafts and recipes were done way back in October. I just don't function that way. I've been blogging as we've been doing things. James was in Roswell part of Sunday, all of Monday, and most of Tuesday, so we didn't really do anything Christmas-y then. Except that I wrapped about a million presents. But no one wants to see a picture of that mess. SO...that's why I am a bit behind.

And then today was going to be GRINCH day. I love, love, love the Grinch. It's probably my favorite Christmas movie. (Although, I don't turn down a Christmas movie.) I prefer the old Chuck Jones version, but I'll take the Jim Carrey version as well. got in the way of that plan today. Before 9 AM I had taken television and iPad privileges away from James. It seems that constant attention from well-meaning grandparents (as a sidenote, I am NOT fussing about their constant attention, it's just not possible around here so there's often LOTS of adjusting when he gets home from ANY of his grandparents' houses) caused some issues this morning. After asking him about 10 times to get his toothbrush and toothpaste for me while I fed Will and being told NO! he lost both of those things. Take away toys? Who cares. Sit on his bed? Doesn't work for long. Take away tv and iPad? Seems to do the trick these days...Anyway, the toothbrush and toothpaste was just the first of many things that I felt fell under the "disrespect" umbrella that we just don't tolerate. 

I decided to carry on with my plans anyway. I made Roast Beast for supper. Crockpot roast beef for those of you wondering. I bought "Grinch" cookies to make when he got home from school! Roast was ready to go when I picked him up. When he got home we whipped up our green cookies (mint chocolate chip with green food coloring added...). He took one bite and said they weren't good. Okayyy. Strike two! 

He did enjoy the roast "beast" tonight. The boy likes meat. However, he. is. a. grump. Our very own Grinch! My next move is to take away the Grinch book we'd planned to read tonight. *Sigh* Ha! I'm trying to keep it all in perspective, but I did want you to know that some of these things just aren't going my way! :) We'll try again tomorrow and if it all works out I may just fake a Grinch Day post. We shall see!


Unknown said...

Lauren, I love these posts you're doing! I have the Christmas tree post starred in my Reader. I'm always looking for a good cut-out sugar cookie recipe.

I've been terrible about commenting lately, but I'm still reading!

Sarah Ring said...

I totally "blog as I go" as well. No premeditated posts on my blog, LOL. I think it keeps things more real! Love you blog the way it is :)