Monday, December 10, 2012

25 Posts of Christmas...Foam Stickers!

I spotted the cutest little foam sticker set while I was shopping at Michael's recently so I grabbed it. It was in their junky little seasonal section. I don't think it's the dollar section, but it sort of reminds me of Target's dollar section. Anyway, I grabbed it and brought it home to pull out when we needed something to do.

When I pulled it out last week while Will was taking a morning nap it was a hit! At first I thought James might be able to do it without me. And then I thought I needed to do it without him (hello, Type-A, rule-follower mama!). Fortunately we struck a balance and I peeled stickers and he put them where he thought they should go. And I only moved them for him a few times. ;)

It was such an entertaining activity that I bought two more packs of these things at Target the other day. The snowman and the Christmas tree happen to come in packs of twenty so if you live nearby, seriously let me know you'd like one (or enough for a Sunday School class!) and I'll send it your way!

I have a feeling we'll be decorating these periodically for a few more weeks!

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Amy said...

these are adorable!! and i LOVE michael's dollar section...they have THE BEST stuff!! i know where i'm going tomorrow :)