Monday, November 19, 2012

Cheers, Lofts, and Waving "Bye-Bye!"

Hello, all! It is 9:38 AM on Monday morning and I'm sitting down to blog because I have a minute! Woohoo! Will is still asleep for now, but will wake up as I get started good on this, of course. :) James is busy watching Super Why (and is going to be the reason his brother wakes up because he just yelled the answer to Super Why's question). I've been Black Friday week shopping online but I thought I'd stop a minute and get you all caught up on the goings-on in the Fresh household over the past few days.

I'm going to do my best to get back on the blogging train. I have lots and LOTS planned for the boys for Christmas in the month of December and I plan to blog all about it so I need to get myself prepared for a post (or two!!!) a day!

Let's back up to Wednesday, shall we?

In case you don't speak 3-year-old, he says, "What's that coming down the track? It's a mean machine that's red and black! Ain't nothin' finer in the land than a red and black Georgia fan! Go Dawgs! Goooooo Dawgs! Sic 'em! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!"
He often changes "mean machine" to "sweet machine" because that's nicer. Ha!

Thursday I took the boys to the doctor for well-checks. James was perfectly healthy except for a little cold. And Will has had the cold as well but also has an ear infection. I DO have a Will at 9 months update written...I just haven't taken pictures yet. Yikes. It REALLY sneaked (snuck?) up on me this time.

James dressed himself:

James has also started making up songs and stories. Lots and LOTS of stories:

Friday was lots of fun! I dropped James off at school for his Thanksgiving feast (and by feast I mean chicken nuggets, fruit, cheese, and cookies) and met Mom and Anna at Mistletoe Market. Someone asked what Mistletoe Market is - it's just lots and lots and lots of vendors with booths for shopping. I bought a Gingerbread Cottage (I mentioned them a few weeks back), Mom bought some books, and Anna got a Christmas present. There were lots of CUTE things there.

It was SO COLD and someone's mama hasn't gotten him anything warm yet. AND he won't keep socks and shoes on his feet. I don't even remember how many people (STRANGERS!) came up to us and touched him and said, "His feet are freezing!" Well, first of all...get your hands off my kid. I don't know you. And secondly, if you saw how I have to hold him down to put clothes on him, you might understand. :) Anyway, Anna bundled him up and carried him to the car when we were finished shopping:

We met James and Eddie for lunch afterwards at Cracker Barrel and then I headed home with the boys while Eddie returned to work and Cacky and Anna went shopping. They came over to play after we'd napped. And Poppy stopped by, too!

I got James a Mario costume for about $2 at Target a few weeks ago. He has LOVED the mustache...err, unibrow. :)

James and Eddie picked up Mexican on Friday night and Will and I played while they were gone. He is into EVERYTHING, folks. EVERYTHING.

Saturday, Eddie's parents came up so that Mr. Tommy could help Eddie put a loft in his new shed. The ceilings are SO HIGH and it seemed like a waste of space. The company charged a fortune to do it so Eddie and Mr. Tommy just looked at the way the company did it and just decided to do it themselves. It took most of the afternoon but it is ready to be used!

Saturday night I spent some time wrapping our Christmas books (that we already have) so that the boys can open a new one each night. More on this later, but if you have book recommendations, please share! I'm especially interested in books about the Nativity (we have a few, but not NEARLY as many as we have books about Santa) and books that incorporate Santa AND the Nativity. The Legend of the Christmas Stocking is a great one that does sort of incorporate both, but I'd love to hear other recommendations as well.

Sunday we went to church and Sunday School. It was nice to be there! We've either been sick or out of town so often lately we haven't been. It's completely different once you have kids and the sniffles sideline you. As adults you can keep going but there are so many rules concerning germs that we've had to lay low a few weeks in a row. (And I'm all for the rules, by the way! Keep your sick children home!)

I took an AWESOME nap yesterday after church. Holy moly. I didn't even know James had gotten up. He and Eddie spent some time together yesterday. I'm not sure James cooperated and acted sweet, but he was cooped up folding laundry with Eddie so I can't say that I blame him. Ha! We ALL spent some time outside yesterday afternoon. Will experienced the Cozy Coupe for the first time:

Will has also learned a fun new trick! Waving! He waves at everything now!

Today we're home but I'm trying to get clothes washed and dried, trying to get some Christmas shopping done, and working on getting our house cleaned before we put out Christmas decorations next weekend!

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