Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Real Life.

I thought about blogging yesterday and then just never did it. It was one of those days, you know? I didn't even shower until 5pm because I didn't have a nap break yesterday at all. Will slept too late in the morning for his afternoon nap to coincide with James' excellent nap. We did play inside on the rainy day. Played Candy Land twice before James lost interest. ;)

Today. Whew. So far, today has been peachy. Know what I mean? James climbed in bed with me at the hour of too-darn-early. I rolled over, handed him my iPad, and went back to sleep. He kept himself occupied for a bit before announcing that it was TIME FOR BREAKFAST. GET UP NOW. So we got up and that's when the day took a turn for the worst. I walked into the kitchen and James announced that he was having cookies for breakfast. I'd made cookies late Sunday night and I did let him taste one for breakfast yesterday. I explained to him that that was a treat and we don't have cookies every day. He needed to pick something else. And that's when he decided that I'm the worst mom EVER and THE HORROR of not being allowed to eat dessert for breakfast. We are talking, full-on tantrum. Laid in the floor and kicked and screamed. Timeout #1. The whining and complaining never actually stopped. He had to sit in timeout a second time for pitching a fit about the placement of his chair and the fact that I wouldn't let him eat in the den. After the third timeout, he slammed the door. 

Now, let me take a moment here to tell you that in my family, when you slam your door, your door gets taken away. Just ask my sister. It's funny now, but I'm sure it wasn't at the time. If James was old enough to have outgrown naps, that sucker would have come down. But he needs quiet for a nap and I need him to nap so it's staying. But don't think I didn't think about it! Finally, we called Daddy to calm him down.

Later this morning we went for a bike ride. My fanny and my pride have finally recovered enough to try that again (we stuck to the flatter parts of the neighborhood) so we headed out. We needed to be away from all the whining anyway. I backed my bike out and my ears buds wrapped around the wheel and snapped one. Fortunately, the other still worked.

My bike ride this time was much better than last! Ha! I actually looked like a crazy lady and wore my Camelbak. It worked out (even though I go at turtle speed and look silly!) because I had water AND a place to hold my phone. Eating first + water + music = better experience! I'll be taking Will all by his lonesome on Saturday just to see how much easier it is without James.

SO...real life around here. Days of no showers and filthy floors. Days of timeouts and tantrums. Better enjoy it before it all passes me by!

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