Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little Memories.

A visit from Papa and YaYa.

Dinosaur sugar cookies.

Halloween Preschool Project - handprint bat that "flies." Eddie walks through the kitchen every night and turns him upside down so that he can sleep. (Nevermind that a real bat would be out hunting at night.)

Bike ride with these hooligans. The neighbor across the street cheered me on. However, he's British so the first time I only caught, "Blah blah blah blah blah, right?" Right, dude! Ha! Thanks for the encouragement! The second time around our "course" he called out again. Understood him that time!

Followed by a little racetrack playtime.

Naptime was glorious. I worked on my Bible Study, read, did some laundry, worked on James' birthday invitations...

Because the boys BOTH slept for THREE HOURS...AT THE SAME TIME!

Tuesday's Preschool Project - Handprint trees with falling leaves.

Tuesday evening we had the Redneck Games in our backyard.

This little booger just watched:

This is random but those of you who are mamas, did this happen to you? See the stupid baby bangs sticking out? I can't get them to lay down!!!

James (reluctantly) went to school. That's a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother time. Will and I skipped Bible Study because I thought I had a little bug. I've felt awful all day.

In fact, the boys napped and I climbed right in my bed and napped WITH them. Contrary to popular belief, I never do that.

I still felt bad so the boys did a lot of iPadding this afternoon. This is the only way we can share the iPad.

And finally, it didn't show up great but James has his first black eye. He fell while he was "stomping like a monster" in the tub last night and it swelled up immediately. It's not terrible, but it is bruised! His teacher asked if he hurt the tub or if it hurt him more. Probably the tub from this hard headed boy! (I LOVE this picture of him, though!)

We practiced batting in the front yard tonight for a bit. Several of our family members will be pleased to know that it looks like James might bat left handed. He kept switching. He definitely writes right handed so this has come as a shock to this lefty mama! I think I like it! Of course, Eddie is pleased that he could be a baseball team's secret weapon. Ha!


Anna Catherine said...

Sorry about the sickies this week, but you got some great pictures!

Lauren said...

I love the Fresh Prince shirt! ...Next time we want to be invited to the redneck games! ...and yes. Crazy baby bangs grew and were un-tameable after I had AM!

Unknown said...

Girl, I have had baby bangs since well before I ever had children. If you find a cure, please post it!