Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Just because we had a birthday party to plan for last week doesn't mean life with these boys slowed down any. I actually sent James off on Wednesday night to Cacky and Poppy's just to make a little headway cleaning my house!

This is just a random hodge podge from last week and this week so far...

Telling me that Mrs. Teresa put DORA SOAP in the bathroom at school. He was pretty darn excited.

Champion Puller-Upper. Now if only he could sit back down. That sure would make 2AM when he decides to practice this trick a little easier.

I have VERY happy kids. How 'bout you?

Birthday party at school - he picked squeezy fruits and ChickfilA cookies for snack!

We had some people working at our house so James had a modified naptime - iPad in bed. :) He was THRILLED.

And this is what I did when said workers left and both boys went to sleep. This never happens. Hallelujah and amen.

Dance party! We like to move it, move it!

Birthday Dinner! This was about the seventh picture I took of them where one or the other looked ridiculous. I finally gave up.

This child cooperated!

Some sort of face...scary, angry, something. He wasn't really mad.


Grandmama gave Will this giraffe that plays the "Move It, Move It" song and he could NOT figure it out. He and James both think it's hysterical now.


Storytime at the library on Monday. Anne Margaret met us and they LOVED it. We're headed back next Monday in costume.


James went inside to get something the other day and Scout sat just like this until he returned...and then she bounded after him. They are hilarious!

New light-up boat bath toy.

A flower from James. Made out of a farm set flower and a screw from his tool set.

Will got his first BIG BOY bath last night! Wow!




Whew! Are you still here?

Today James had school, Will and I went to church, I went back and picked up James about 5 minutes late (oops! Bible Study ran late!) and then we flew home, ate lunch, and took naps. We ran to Target and then came home and fixed supper. Double whew! Life is busy with these guys!

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Lauren said...

Love all of the pics!! Is that a bruise on James' eye?? And monday, costumes?? If I am still preg we are COMING!