Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Carnivore, Herbivore, Cake-a-vore...

Ready for a few pictures? Settle in, then!

The birthday weekend was tons of fun. It was full of LOTS, but James hung in there and had very few meltdowns!

Cheapo dinosaur - Dollar Tree
Safari hats - Hobby Lobby

Banner - homemade...burlap, twine, stenciled-on painting.
Dinosaur - Dollar Tree

Easiest decoration ever! Burlap strips with clothes-pinned pictures from the past year.

Cake and cupcakes were homemade. I'm not winning any awards, but they weren't bad for my first try!
Plates and cupcake toppers - local party store.
Small dinosaurs - Hobby Lobby

I ordered both boys' shirts from Ditsy Daisy Boutique - you can find them on Facebook. Hether has done LOTS of things for us and it is excellent quality.

Dinosaur cookies - wish I'd taken a better picture - homemade. I'll be doing these again. WAY easier than I expected.

Dad carved this for us! Amazing! A friend found a watermelon t-rex online and since it's not really watermelon season, Dad improvised!

Okay, weirdest thing ever but it's funny so I'll explain. Dad and Laura have two cats. No, Laura has two cats. :) James is OBSESSED with them. When he was a baby and couldn't say "cat" he called them "yows" - because that's the noise they made. He SO wanted the "yows" to come to his party this year so YaYa took pictures, blew them up, and brought them. Y'all, he is obsessed. They are "napping" with him on the end of his bed right now. He put them in bed the other night and I heard Eddie mutter, "That would TOTALLY freak me out." HA!

Front door decor - felt t-rex footprints and dinosaur eggs in the ferns.

Dinosaur skeletons - Target (they're in the crayon aisle - 3D puzzles)

Hilarious! All grandparents but Cacky have smart phones. Not sure what app they're discussing here...

Most beautiful baby ever.

What? You don't wear a helmet when you hit a pinata? Probably needed to hand out helmets with face masks to everyone.
Pinata - Amazon.

This was the most hilarious costume. It looked so silly in the box - lace trim and all! - but was so CUTE on. Hilarious. I couldn't decide if he looked like a sea captain, Captain Hook, Captain Morgan!, or a Redcoat! Ha!

After everyone left Grandmama and Granddaddy helped put together the sandbox that they gave him. He is in LOVE with this thing. Isn't it fun?

We are so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate James' birthday with us. When I asked him what he wanted for his party he SERIOUSLY told me, "All my favorite people!" Mission accomplished!


Cristin said...


What's your secret with he cookies. I've made cookies for my kiddos, but thought I was going to go insane having to ice them all.

Cristin said...

Can you share your secrets on how you made the cute cookies???

Love the party!!!