Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Potty-Training Wire...

James has, for the most part, been in underwear at home all summer long. He sleeps in a Pull-Up at his nap and at night, we wear one when we leave the house, and he wears one if he's in the care of someone else. But you know what? That has to stop.

James starts school on August 29th. He's only in the two-year-old class because of his late birthday, so potty training is not a requirement this year. But at almost three, and because he really does get it, we need to finish this thing up.

If he's in a Pull-Up he will NOT remember to tee-tee on the potty. Or, probably more accurately, he won't take the time to tee-tee on the potty. So I need to not give him that excuse anymore. 

Another hang-up has been that I dread the use of public restrooms (for him and myself). I don't know how to handle Will when I'm helping James, or James touching everything, or just the idea of pottying in a nasty bathroom. Also? I'm TERRIFIED of the in-public accident. Yikes.

Finally, I've really worried about those who have to watch him while we're doing other things. I didn't want to put it off on his teachers or grandparents because, let's face it - accidents in undies are gross. GUH-ross.

But he's doing great at home! He's had a few little accidents lately and they were all about attention, nothing else. We need to get this done. So we're doing bootcamp over the next four weeks. What does that mean?

1. Undies at our house all. the. time. No Pull-Ups.
2. Getting rid of naptime/nighttime beverages. Someone's daddy (*ahem*) gets him a cup of water every time he gets in bed. No. More.
3. Undies while we're out! Get over it, mama!
4. Undies with other people! Get ready, grandparents!

*Deep breath.*

What's your advice on the in-public accidents?


Melissa said...

I think I was more worried about him going in the car seat for some reason... I honestly don't remember having very many accidents while out and about...hopefully because I went to these extremes, LOL:
- I limited drinks before we left the house and while we were out
- Until he was better at holding it, I made our trips short and sweet
- When we were out, I took our little "frog" potty with us and kept it in the van. I made him go before we left the house, when we got where we were going- before we got out of the van and when we got back to the van. I know it's a lot, but I just wanted to reinforce where he was supposed to go.
- Once he got better at holding it, then I would just let him go (and sometimes still do) outside the car- in the corner of his door. (especially since I had another little one to balance too)
- I was also worried about #2 accidents while out mostly, but he was on such a schedule with those, that I just didn't go during those peak times to do it... LOL!

I will be praying for you about this- it is such a trying time for everyone! I'm getting ready to start with my youngest and am soo not looking forward to it.

Lauren said...

I totally am freaked out by car seat accidents or public accidents so I feel ya there. As for the public dont want to know that AM didnt have shoes on today and I put her bare little feet on the floor so I could get her clothed again post potty. Bring James to my house this weekend in undies. He and AM can have accidents together. HA.

Bridgett said...

Public restrooms freak me out, too. I am ashamed to admit it, but if we are in public and it's an option, Fischer goes outside. I could not imagine having another child involved during public potty breaks! And you are doing better than us. Fischer wouldnt even try to use the potty until the month after his 3rd birthday. Once he started he had maybe 5 accidents and he hasn't had any since.

Good luck!! I think this is a bigger step for us mamas than it is for our children!!