Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It's August, y'all. How did that happen?

I thought I'd just share some pictures that I've taken over the past few days. Mostly today. Nothing big happening here.

First of all, this boy is well on his way to crawling. He'll be doing it before September, I bet. He's already getting up on all fours and pushing his little booty up in the air in order to propel himself forward. Didn't I just have him yesterday?

Eddie leaves in the morning around 7:15 and by this time I usually have a little bed buddy whispering, "IT'S TIME TO GO EAT BWEAKFAST," in a not-so-soft voice. I was one day last week so I bribed him with my phone to let me sleep a little longer. Guess what I found when I woke up.

Gorgeous, no? I won't be making this one extra large for you.

I made babyfood apples yesterday. I've been hesitant because of that time that James took a bite of my homemade babyfood and threw up. BUT, I decided to try and someone LOVED it. LOVED it.

Let's see...what is this?

Yes, ma'am. I need some more of that!

What do you MEAN it's all gone?!?!

I should probably watermark all of my pictures. I could just see someone using this for a greeting card. Sorry!

A little after-dinner swinging.

And someone who pitched a fit about those apples being gone was worn out by the end of the night.

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Lauren said...

thats hysterical that James took a pic of you and I love Will's face! I cant even think of words that would do that picture justice!