Friday, June 29, 2012

Sick Check...

This has been the longest, saddest week. This has been the most ridiculous month. We are hoping that July will be a lot happier for us. As it stands, I am ready for June to be DONE.

We've dropped things and run because of a crisis but I didn't want today's "milestone" to be passed by and overlooked. Since Will is the second kid it seems like fewer pictures are taken, fewer things are really documented so I hated to miss this, too.

Remember how Will hasn't slept well for the past week? And how he's been nursing every ten minutes? Well. Two days ago he started coughing. And then yesterday it got worse and his nose started running. So I took him to the doctor bright and early this morning to see what's up. I just hated to get to the weekend and not know if it was his ears or in his chest. I'd much rather be overly cautious.

Dr. S. was on call today for Dr. W. She is SO sweet. If you go to our practice and haven't met her, you should. She listened to him and looked in his ears and nose. Will has his first little head cold. I wonder where he picked that up? His snotty, coughing brother? Hmm... Anyway, he is perfectly fine except that he can't breathe. He's not sleeping because he's not breathing great and he's nursing all the time because he's not eating good when he does nurse...since he can't breathe!

I'm glad we got it all checked out!

Y'all have a great weekend. Try to stay cool. Send a little prayer up for some friends if you think of it. And hug the people you love.


Lauren said...

ugh so so sorry :(

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear this. Praying your July takes and turn for the good!