Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Goals...

I made a whole long list yesterday. Things that I want to do this summer. Things that we need to do this summer. Things that James will think are fun this summer. Places to go. I'm excited about checking off the list. I read the list to James and he's excited, too!

In case you're interested, here's our Summer Goals list:

* Make cookies * Go to a movie * Blanket fort * Fireworks * Ride bikes/jeep * Roast marshmallows in backyard * Paint * Chalk * Potty train * Picnic * Swimming Lessons * Popsicles * Blow bubbles * Read * Playdates (Lauren Train, I'm looking at you!) * Sprinklers * Draw * Take Pictures * Puzzles * Fly kite * Dentist (need, unfortunately...James and me) * Alligator Farm (James heard this and wanted to go NOW!) * Go out for breakfast * Star gazing * Finish my summer book list (coming soon for those who are interested!) * Ice cream night at home * Bible verses * Playdoh * Fishing * Treasure hunt * Hummingbird feeder * Cookout * Paper Airplanes * Game night (Lauren Train, I'm looking at you again!) * Farmer's Market * Catch up on photo albums * Library story time * Water balloons * Play in the rain * Date with Mama * Date with Daddy * Pet store * Identify letters * Identify numbers

I can't wait for our little family to knock some of these out!

What are your summer goals?


Lauren said...

Can I add myself to a few more of your summer goals?? I want in on the kite flying, breakfast I am thinking send the husbands and oldest kids to dunkin donuts while mommies sleep in, cookout (once I can eat again), library story time and the playdates and game night for sure!

In other news, I want a trip to the Aquarium, to Centennial Park to let AM play in the fountains there and to the Laser Show. All Atlanta stuff but we should coordinate a weekend there sometime and play!!

Meggie said...

I love your list... and have to steal a few ideas! I'm seriously going to copy your list! I'd also like to take walks in the evenings (when it's hopefully not too hot), go to the zoo, and have some water fun in our little baby pool. Thanks for sharing!