Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Will at One Month!

Can someone please tell me where the last four weeks went? Seriously? It is definitely going by even faster this time.

At one month Will weighs 9.2 pounds and is about 20.5 inches. I won't know official measurements until his two-month check-up.

He's a great nurser! During the day we have 2.5-3 hour stretches between feedings. He sometimes goes a little longer, but I try to keep it right around 3 hours in an effort to sleep longer at night.

He is still sleeping pretty much all day long but doesn't have any consistent schedule yet.

At night he wakes every 2.5-5 hours to nurse. Some nights he does GREAT and only wakes up once and other nights he wakes up every 2 or 2.5 hours. I'm dragging first thing in the morning, but I don't have time to nap all day long like I did with James.

He is pretty much content unless his tummy hurts, he is sleepy and needs a paci, he's hungry, cold, or wet. Otherwise, he just hangs out all day long!

He sleeps swaddled at night. I learned the hard way with James that this is key!

(Will at the top, James at the bottom.)
He's out of newborn diapers (they've only JUST gotten to be too small in the past week) and into size ones...which seem a teensy bit too big.

He enjoys his carseat and his swing.

He smiles occasionally, but not like James did. James' smiles were INTENTIONAL...even at this young age. Will smiles occasionally at the sound of our voices, but usually he's just practicing for no reason. *** Hold the phone! He did it today! ***

Out of newborn clothes and into 0-3 months! I hate that our seasons don't match up because there are lots of James' things that I'd love for Will to wear. Oh well! I went play clothes shopping today and was not successful for the little man.

I'm hoping that this month will give us more consistency with sleeping/playing patterns during the day. 

Look who just couldn't stand it! Notice that he has on the "1 Month" sticker, too. :)


Anna Catherine said...

My how your baby grew from the first picture to the last! haha! Your babies are both looking so chubby and cute!

Bechtel Family said...

Lauren he is just precious!! I'm loving all the updates! You are super mom for getting pictures and updates on here! I remember how hard it was with no sleep and no naps because your running after a toddler! It will pass sooner than you think!;)

Bechtel Family said...

Lauren he is just previous! I love all the updates. You are super mom for getting all of these pictures and updates up!

Lauren said...

Ha! Love the last picture of James. James looks way bigger than Will at 1 month!

The Morrows said...

AWEEEE!!!!! He is precious!