Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Update...Wanna See Some Pictures of My Kids???

Well, maybe this will get us all caught up on the goings-on at our house! I won't promise to post every day, but I'll try to post often! It may just wind up being at midnight instead of mid-morning or afternoon like it often is. :) Life is a little busier these days! Busier, but SO great! We are enjoying our little family of FOUR!

Friday morning Eddie went to work for part of the day again. Will had to be at the doctor for a bilirubin check by 12:30 so he was home to help me with that. We left James at home with Cacky for a nap. Will looked okay, but was a little yellow so they sent us to the hospital for a heel stick. He didn't even wake up when they did it! Sweet little angel! His bili counts had gone up from the day before so we had to go back on Saturday as well.

Post-Bath before the doctor's office and waiting to see Dr. W. and have him check our carseat.
When we got home, Cacky headed to her house to leave us for the weekend. She is {hopefully!} coming back tomorrow morning to help me with the boys since Eddie will be back to work full time this week. (He's off today for President's Day!)

James is SO proud of his new fireman boots from Cacky. I texted this picture to Lauren, whose husband is a volunteer fire fighter, so that she could show him how cool James' boots are. James is really getting into the fireman thing!
We had visitors on Friday afternoon and evening. Papa and YaYa came down to play and have supper with us. We enjoyed the visit from them. James enjoyed the company! We had Mellow Mushroom for supper on Friday night and soon after we ate, they had to head home. James got a bath and rocked with Eddie for a little while so he was LATE going to bed. I think it was almost 10 before he was down.

Funny story about this picture - My dad is notorious for blinking when we take pictures. They were walking out the door as I took this so I knew it wouldn't be great, but poor little second child needs SOME pictures in his photo album, so I was determined to try. The first few pictures turned out like the one above - Dad looking like he's half blinking. James was playing with YaYa's camera and he took a picture and Dad said (excitedly!), "Hey! I didn't blink for that one!" He thought I had taken the picture and was so proud of himself. Ha! I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants. Sorry, Dad. This was the best of the bunch.

Snuggling while Eddie put James to bed Friday night.
I'm not going to lie - Friday night/Saturday morning were HORRIBLE. Will slept GREAT on Thursday night but Friday night he was wide awake and wanted to be talked to until about 4AM. James was up every 30 minutes with what we thought were night terrors. Eddie and I were both up and down all. night. long. I thought we were going to lose our minds. And I was SCARED that this was going to be life for a while.

Saturday morning Will had to go for another bili check at the hospital. Eddie had said he'd take both boys and go and let me sleep but soon after James woke up it was evident that he could NOT do it by himself. James had what we thought was a jealous/emotional meltdown that started around 8:30 Saturday morning. He came in, saw me nursing Will, and absolutely fell to pieces. He would not stop crying. We tried to rally and get it together but it was terrible. James only wanted Daddy to hold him and did not want to be left by him at all. I jumped in the shower and threw on some clothes but had on no makeup and unfixed hair to run to the hospital. The plan was for me to sit in the car and entertain James but even that would not work. He was crying so hard that several times I had to tell him to take deep breaths so that he wouldn't get sick. Pitiful. I wound up going into the hospital looking like death reheated. :) Thankfully, it wasn't one of those run-into-everyone-you-know days.

The rest of the afternoon was exactly the same as the morning. I called Mama and asked her not to come for a visit with Poppy and had to tell Anna and Lance not to come as well. I really thought James had just hit a wall and needed a break. It was awful. If he was awake from 8-4 he was crying. He would sleep for 20 minutes or so and then wake up and cry some more.

Quiet moment with the little boy.

This is how the vast majority of the day was spent. Will got passed back and forth and James wouldn't let Eddie put him down.

Finally and at last it dawned on me to take his temperature. It wasn't high, but it was 100.4 which was enough for me to give him some Motrin. He felt MUCH better after that was in his system and he calmed down a good bit.

Will slept great on Saturday night but Eddie wound up sleeping with James because he was waking up every 20-30 minutes again.

Sunday morning we had plans for more visitors - the Days and the Perrys. I considered calling them and canceling but while James was in the bathtub I heard Eddie ask him if his ear was bothering him. When they came out of the bathroom Eddie said that his ear was draining. Bingo! The source of all the trouble! Poor thing must've felt HORRIBLE.

The Days and the Perrys came and visited from about 10-2. We had a great time seeing them and letting the kiddos play together. They were so sweet and brought lots and lots of food! The Dinner Club girls had gotten together on Saturday afternoon and did a casserole exchange. They just made an extra of everything so that even though I didn't participate, we could reap the benefits. Mmm!

After the visitors left, Eddie ran James to the pediatric after-hours clinic in town. Thankfully, they were the only ones there and it was a quick ear infection diagnosis. We'll be on antibiotics for several days and hopefully things will begin to look brighter!

At around 3 we had a sweet girl in town named Anna come over to do newborn pictures for us. If you're in my area and are looking for someone I thought she was WONDERFUL. When she got there Will did not want to sleep and James would not cooperate and she was so thoughtful to take her time! I think she was there for almost 3 hours! In case we're not friends on Facebook, here are the sneak peeks we got last night! She's awesome, isn't she???

He's tiny...just a little perspective:
Speaking of perspective, I made James stand on the scale today because I was convinced he'd gained five pounds. Nope. He's the same as before! Ha!

(And speaking of the scale, I'd like to toot my own horn and say that I have lost ALL OF MY BABY WEIGHT. Now for the other baby weight {about 5 pounds leftover from James} and the post-wedding weight {about 8 pounds} and the weight that needed to be gone before that {about 6 more pounds}. However, let me point out that judging from that family picture above, I have at least 5 pounds of fluid still stuck on my FACE. I'll start walking in a few weeks and then {having been inspired by Lori!} I'm going to start Couch to 5K again!)

His hair is hysterical to me. James had just as much but it was longer and slicker looking. Will's hair is FUZZY. And look at those little pieces that are an inch or so longer than the rest! He looks like a little Dr. Seuss character to me when I see those little pieces!

Today we've stayed home but Grandmama and Granddaddy came up for a visit. They hadn't seen Will since the night he was born so they came for a little snuggling and to visit James. We had gas logs installed in our fireplace today so they also brought the tank for that. It was a pretty laid back day which included some television watching, playing outside, and pizza. :) We had a great time visiting with them!

Grandmama made this little boy VERY happy when she walked in with TWO chocolate pies this morning. James loooooves chocolate pie. If you ask him where his "pie finger" is he'll hold up his pointer finger. This was HIS pie...but he let us all have a piece.

Eddie has rehearsal tonight so I'll be BY MYSELF with both boys for the very first time. I don't think it will be too terrible, but I know it'll be different! Actually, as Eddie walked out the door tonight, Will started screaming and James needed to be fed. SO...this is what I resorted to:

41 Weeks?!? Ha! I only used this a handful of times with James, but it was great when I needed it! I bought a different one for this time around but he has to be 8 pounds before I can try it (and I need to watch some YouTube videos on how to use it!). I know this is one of those slings that has a bad reputation, but I watched him VERY closely the whole time he was in it.

PS - To those who have called, texted, emailed, etc. and I haven't gotten back to you I am SO sorry. I wouldn't say we're in "survival mode" because I've been much more calm, relaxed, and not nearly as sleep deprived as I was the first time around, but life sure is busier this time than last! I keep meaning to get things done around the house and then I turn around and it's midnight and I need to go to bed! :) I'm learning to balance everything!


Amy said...

i just love everything about this post. it's basically my life - ha! but with boys!! :) and minus the losing the baby weight. i'm jealous - you look amazing!

Casey said...

oh, the emotional meltdowns. drew is still having them often. i have to stop and remember that he is still a baby in so many ways even though he is my big boy now. your boys are adorable--congrats!

Bridgett said...

You look so good! Precious little family! :)

sherry said...

Wonderful pictures and comments! You impress me!
Sherry Waldrop