Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Hodge Podge Post!

Finding balance has been a little different this week. Even with Mom here, I feel like my days are flying by. I guess this could be good and bad. I'm certainly spending a lot of time sitting and cat-napping, but I'm also trying to find time to do laundry, pick up, clean up, and get myself "ready" each day. I think next week will be the real trial...I'll be alone and we'll be back in school on Tuesday and Thursday!

Monday night and Tuesday morning we were here by ourselves. I was a little frazzled Tuesday morning, but I think that's to be expected. James is just a teensy bit stir crazy and there was nothing I could do about it.

Mom has been here since Tuesday just before lunch. She's been a great help - I'm surprised she hasn't fallen over from exhaustion from dealing with James all day. I have seen a little bit of a behavior change in him. I'm not sure if it's because of Will, because we've been stuck at home, because of the constant attention from grandparents, or just a combination of all of those things, but he has NOT wanted to mind so that's been a little challenging. On top of that, he is almost completely deaf! Poor child...the ear infection has really left him unable to hear much of anything at all. Eddie didn't believe it - he thought he was just being stubborn - but I've tested him by asking about things he would definitely show interest in ("I have candy! Want some M&Ms???") and he hasn't heard me at all. I've put a call in to his doctor this morning just to be sure this is a normal ear infection symptom. We're on day 4 of antibiotics so hopefully it'll clear up soon!

Wednesday afternoon our preacher and children's director from church stopped by for a visit and to bring us the rosebud from the altar. Will was a lucky boy! Because we're currently transferring our memberships (we'll do an official transfer the day that we have him Christened...just after Easter) we had rosebuds from BOTH of our churches. Mrs. Bobby brought the rosebud from our church in Tifton on Monday and we got another one yesterday. He's one loved little boy! :) We are thrilled that our church (both old and new) play such a big part in the lives of raising our boys. One of the main reasons we've chosen our church is for the sweet children's director, who has become a good friend to us. It is so important to us to raise the boys up in a wonderful church family.

We finally got our Netflix hooked up on our Blu-Ray player in the den. I've almost finished the first season of Downton Abbey and I loved it. What else should we watch?

Speaking of TV, has anyone watched The River? I recorded it because it's set in the Amazon but after about 20 minutes we realized it may be a creepy show. Eddie doesn't do scary AT ALL and I only really like old scary stuff - Hitchcock, etc. - so we're not sure we'll stick with it. I definitely don't like supernatural creepiness. We'll watch a bit more and decide.

Today a sweet friend and neighbor and another sweet friend brought food to our house for dinner tonight. We've been well taken care of!

My heart has been especially heavy yesterday and today after learning of the death of a former neighbor (and Anna and Lance's current neighbor). If you're from Tifton, I know that you know Donna Tillman. She passed away suddenly in the middle of the night and has a 17 year old daughter. I moved in next door to her when I was just out of college and lived there for almost two years. I had a love/hate relationship with living alone but I had Donna on speed dial because I knew that if I ever had anything happen in the middle of the night, I could call her. Tifton lost a wonderful, wonderful person. I am keeping Brooke in my thoughts. I can't imagine what she's facing.

Speaking of prayers, I'm also praying for Kelly. I'm sure a lot of you read her blog as well. She's in the hospital with MRSA. So scary! Bless her sweet heart! And for Megan's sweet baby, Knox, who has been in the hospital with a virus that's similar to RSV. Poor sweet thing!

Eddie has a mile long list of things to get done this weekend and I have a mile long list of things I'd *like* to get done this weekend. Wonder who will be more successful? Probably not the nursing one!

I got our kitchen swept and mopped this morning and it looks SO MUCH BETTER. Amazing what mopping chocolate pie off the floor will do for a room! :)

I didn't get much more done because Will had some tummy troubles this morning and wanted to be held and he's started the BIG TIME spitting up. It doesn't seem to bother him but we've both gone through more than one outfit today.

I've given up Facebook for Lent. This is a big time sucker for me so I thought it would be the best thing. I've deleted the app from my phone as well so I'm not tempted. Does anyone do the whole "take a break from Lent" on Sunday? Is this something that was made up just to make people last through the whole Lenten season? I keep up with a LOT of my friends only on Facebook. Last year I gave up desserts and lasted about two weeks. Pitiful.

James went on a walk with Cacky yesterday and this is how I dressed him. It was in the mid-60s here. I just hated the idea of his ears being exposed to the wind! He had such a good time on the walk that he cried when they came home!

Last night I took a bath and when I got out these two were snuggled up in the bed together. So sweet!

Will looks like such a little old man to me. I think it's the puckered up mouth from no teeth and the fact that he's a little wrinkly since he's lacking in the fat department now. Sadly, today I noticed he's starting to fill out a little. I love a fat baby, but I sure do hate that he's getting big so quickly. Because this is likely my last baby, I'd love for time to slow down a little!

His umbilical cord fell off today and he has a sweet little belly button! James was especially intrigued by this!

Late this afternoon, this is how we found Mr. Will. Life is so tough when you're ten days old. He's so pitiful, huh?

We're chugging along up here! Mom and James got out this morning and ran a few errands. Hopefully I'll get out and about soon as well. Will has been the SWEETEST little thing. We've been blessed with a very content baby so far. We're still not getting everything done that we're used to (mine and Eddie's room is an absolute WRECK and the rest of the house needs to be cleaned as well), but we're getting more and more done each day!

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Could those babies be any cuter? I need a snuggle very, very soon!