Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekend Update...New Year's Edition

Happy 2012! Can you believe it? I feel like time is just FLYING by these days!

We had such a fun weekend!

Friday night after Eddie got home (and after we'd spent the day with Cacky and going to get my heart checked out) we made plans to go out to dinner and run a few errands. I started feeling yucky not long after we'd been in the car so "errands" turned into "errand" and we wound up driving through Zaxby's to get the boys something to eat for dinner. I passed out in our bed and slept until after James was asleep for the night. I hate feeling yucky but I know it has to just be pregnancy. I am so thankful for anti-nausea medicine this time around. With James I took NO medicine but this time around I've really depended on it.

Saturday morning we started tackling the undecorating of the Christmas decorations. Whew! What a process. It's definitely not nearly as much fun as putting decorations up! Eddie firmly believes in having everything put away before the new year and typically we're pretty good about it. Not so much this year. The only thing left out is our Christmas tree...but everything else is piled in the dining room waiting for me to put it into boxes and back into the attic. I didn't want to just rush through and throw everything in helter skelter so I didn't. Hopefully that task will be completed by the end of the day today.

Saturday evening some friends of ours, Lauren and her little family, came over to ring in the new year with us. We had a hodge podge dinner of chicken nuggets and appetizers and the littles ran around and enjoyed playing together. James was SO excited that AMT was going to be joining us. He talked about having her over all day long.

The Trains brought their Pack 'N Play and put AMT in the extra bedroom and she and James both went to bed around 10pm. We woke Eddie up in James' room a little bit later and enjoyed talking and hanging out. We'd planned to play some games but never actually got around to it. Strangely enough, we were watching the ESPN motorcycle jump (or whatever...) and Lauren's husband, CT3, looked at his watch and said, "Oh! It's 12:02!" Ha! We totally missed the new year! And not from sleeping through it! We flipped over to ABC where they were airing the ball drop and hoped for a replay. THEN, when we flipped back to ESPN, we'd missed the motorcycle jump! Ha! I felt like we needed a New Year's Eve re-do! Obviously, we were having a great time! We drank "champange" (sparkling cider) and enjoyed some more visiting. James woke up around 1am and joined in the fun and the Trains headed home around 1:45. Thankfully, James went right back to sleep in his bed and we weren't up all night!

*** Lauren has pictures and I'll add them as soon as I can steal them from her. ***

On Sunday we had "Special Secret Visitors," come to our house. I knew if I told James that Papa and YaYa were coming he would bounce off the walls so we kept their identities top secret until they arrived. We had lunch with them at Longhorn and enjoyed an afternoon of playing at the house. James is always thrilled to show off for grandparents! They even "played" a few games of Candyland with him!

Today was still part of our weekend as Eddie had the day off from work. We had friends over for lunch (I was fancy - we got Pizza Hut!) and to watch Georgia's bowl game. I think I was the unlucky person. I hardly watched any of it and the parts that I did pay attention were the times we didn't do so hot. We lost. :( Oh well. We had a great time visiting with Spencer, Andrea, and their son, Reed. Reed is exactly two years and 3.5 months older than James so it's fun to watch them. James will be that much older than Baby Brother if he stays put until right around his due date. We kept looking at them and thinking that that will be us in two years! There's obviously a big difference between them, but they played together well! I can't wait to meet our new boy! (I mean, I can wait 6 more weeks. But I'm excited!)

We had a fun weekend! James is back to school this week and hopefully life will resume some normalcy. Ha! I have lots and lots of nesting to do. I'd like to get lots of things in my house organized, put away, or thrown away before our new family member makes his appearance. I'm feeling a little better about not having his nursery done just yet, but I would like to have the ball rolling on it before he's here. I'm going to try to convince my mama to go fabric shopping with me again on Thursday or Friday of this week. Hopefully I'll just get some decisions made! Then I can sit back and wait for things to be completed!

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