Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Update...

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Eddie and I had BIG plans this weekend. BIG plans. A date to a restaurant in Macon. A date to the movies. A few things that needed to be finished up around the house. I'd planned to cook and freeze a few meals. You know what happens when you have full-blown bronchitis (self-diagnosis but I am certain I'm right because I've had it about 20 times in my life)? Nothing. Nada. No dates. Nothing productive gets done. Nothing. Boo!

So James had big plans this weekend with Papa and YaYa. He told me that they were going to go see the baby goats, play outside, and play with bubbles. I think they accomplished all of his goals. :) YaYa picked him up on Saturday morning and he was off for a weekend of fun. I tried to convince him that they don't know what fun is and that he should stay home with me because we were going swimming and fishing at the lake and to the toy store (LIES! all LIES!), but he thought Papa and YaYa could probably be convinced to do all those things as well. (I can't wait for him to be able to say, "Papa, take me to Six Flags, please!" Mwahahhaaha!)

When James left Eddie and I worked around the house and then because I was feeling okay, we headed out to run some errands. I had a list of pre-baby things that needed to be bought so we tried to tackle that on Saturday. It's amazing how much I've forgotten. What do I need for a baby? Overwhelmingly, the answer has been diapers, Mylicon, Desitin, and wipes. I think I can handle that. :)

After our errands we tried a new restaurant in town - Buffalo Wild Wings. Eddie dropped me at the door so that I could put our name on the list and the girl told me she had no idea how long it would be. Ha! Because it's a sports bar and because we're currently in the NFL playoffs the tables might turn over quickly or they might not. We wound up only waiting for about twenty minutes or so for a place. The food was good but it was LOUD. We enjoyed it, though. I'd probably go back again...but maybe at lunch when there's not a game. The good news is that if we ever take James it's so loud that he could be bouncing off the walls and it wouldn't bother anyone.

Saturday night we flipped between NFL and Miss America. I was a little disappointed with Miss America this year. I know it's been this way for a while, but I HATE how they cut girls now. I don't like that they have everyone sitting out on stage. I don't know. The whole thing was disappointing for me. I liked the formality of the pageant a few years ago and it isn't like that anymore at all!

Sunday morning I did NOT feel well. I woke up at 5:30 and stayed awake until 7 feeling as though my tonsils and lungs were on fire. I took some Tylenol and watched TV for a while. The Tylenol must've kicked in because the next thing I knew it was 9:45. I don't think we went anywhere at all on Sunday. I'm pretty sure that I showered and put pajamas right back on at one point. The only thing I can think of that I did do was watch the Golden Globes. Another disappointment.

I did get this sweet picture of a boy having a lot of fun:

Yesterday I didn't feel great, but I did get up and take a shower so that we could run a few errands. We're giving our fireplace a little makeover with gas logs instead of real wood (I fought this at first but now I'm wholeheartedly on board...no more smokey smell in my house!) so Eddie needed to go see someone about that. I sat in the car and talked to Mama the ENTIRE time he was in the store. We solved a few world problems such as organization for my home office.

After that one errand, it was time to head home to meet James and YaYa. Little boy was sleepy when he got there but eventually perked up. Eddie and I usually dread the hand-off because he's never happy to leave his grandparents but he was unusually clingy to me after YaYa left yesterday. I suspect he knows that something big is brewing. He wants me to hold him all.the.time. now. I don't mind it much!

We had to go to WalMart and Publix after YaYa left to buy a few things - namely a new wireless router so that I could be back in business on the internet. Eddie joked that had I not felt bad and had an iPhone I would've had the shakes all weekend for the Internet being out. Unfortunately, he might be right. Yikes. Last night we had chicken noodle soup for supper. It was GREAT and I'll post the recipe later in the week.

So, definitely nothing fancy. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll be feeling better. I have my 36-week appointment tomorrow and James has his allergy appointment. We will know the results of the nut allergy test tomorrow! Bless his heart, if you say something about peanut butter he says it makes him itchy. Pitiful!

Two videos to include today that I thought were sweet and funny. Both of these are from last week. The first video is for the Harry Potter fans. He and Eddie make fun of my love for Harry.

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