Friday, January 13, 2012

A Random Assortment...When It Rains, It Pours

Y'all. This week has been ridiculous. I would love to post the videos and pictures that go along with the week but currently our Internet is out (after the rest of the week you'll realize it's not surprising at all...things are just falling apart!). Let's recap, shall we?

Sunday: Eddie and I went to church but skipped Sunday School because I didn't feel well. We came home and waited for James to get home from his grandparent weekend.

Monday: We had a successful day of potty training. James and I had a few errands we needed to run but we stayed home because potty training was going so well. Monday after Eddie got home we realized James was running a fever.

Tuesday: James still doesn't feel well and mopes around most of the morning. I called Dr. W's office because his eyes were yucky. The nurse thinks it's pinkeye and an ear infection and wants to see him. Dr. W confirms nurses suspicions. Gives us eye drops and calls in amoxicillin. James and I get rained on as we go from the doctor to Publix for medicine. The medicine was a ridiculous fight.

Wednesday: He's healed! Wild man won't slow down today! His eyes look better and he must feel great. Knowing he's still contagious we stay home. After James is asleep I take a bath and realize I feel achy all over.

Thursday: Still no school for pinkeye and he is STIR CRAZY. I feel yucky all morning and have a very sore throat. I sleep when Eddie is home for lunch. At 2:30 I hold up my white flag and call Eddie in for back-up. I have never felt so sick in my life. I call the obgyn to see if they think it's pregnancy related. I am hurting everywhere and am terrified it is infection that will send me to the hospital. I AM NOT READY! Nurse thinks it's the flu and sends me to the quick care for treatment. I sit in a waiting room with someone holding a trash bag and someone with a face mask. Terrified, I try to hold my breath. Thankfully, they call me back quickly. Blood pressure was so high they have to take it twice. It winds up being 153/68 but it has NEVER been that high. The doctor orders a throat swab and a flu test. Yuck and yuck. Both come back negative and I am told to take Tylenol and gargle with warm salty water. My mama could've told me that. Back home to monitor my temperature (I have to go to the hospital if it stays above 101*). I feel awful for the remainder of the night.

Friday: Mama comes to watch James so I can sleep and Eddie can go to work. I sleep a good bit of the day. James is an ill pill most of the day. Mama makes potato soup and brings lots and lots of fluids.

In addition to all the above:
- James refuses to take liquid medicine but there is a miscommunication about chewables between us, Dr. W, his nurse and the pharmacy. We finally got that worked tonight.

- Last night James broke out in a rash. We suspect the medicine but Dr. W thinks it's viral. We'll still mention it to the allergist on Wednesday.

- James has slept a portion of every night since Sunday in our bed. It's either that, or lots and lots of screaming. We're not sure what to do.

- We think Eddie has pinkeye.

- I have only left the house since Sunday morning to go to the doctor and the pharmacy. Yuck.

So! That's our week! As soon as the Internet is back up I'll add pictures and a few funny videos to the post. There have been SOME funny moments!

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Anna Catherine said...

Gwoss! How did Eddie and James get poptart in their eyes? haha! Poor things! Hope you ALL feel much better soon!

pcb said...

Bless your heart. That's about all I can say! Hope everyone is on the mend soon so you can get ready for baby boy.

Lauren said...

wowzers. what a week!!! yall need to get well soon!